The Ultimate Guide to High Temp Adhesives and Specialty Materials for Use to 4000°F

Now in easy to use CD format.

Summary: Provides Desktop Access on the nature of materials and valuable insights into Properties of High Temperature Materials.

Based on The New 2007 Edition of Cotronics' High Temperature Materials Handbook For Electrical, Structural and Industrial Applications.

Completely New
This 68 page handbook contains the most up to date, detailed product descriptions,
illustrations, users reports, easy to understand instructions and convenient conversion tables.

Easy to use
All products are presented in an easy to use format, simplifying product selection.

Desktop Access
Now users have complete access to such essential details as: principal components, performance, thermal and electrically conductivity, resistance to heat and corrosives, melting points, tensile and bond strengths; elongation, density, ductility, hardness, specific heat and much more.

New Products
The handbook also includes innovative New Products; super fast setting epoxies, stainless steel putties, fast setting ceramic adhesives, ultra fine alumina adhesives and more.

Saves Time
Since 1969, Cotronics' High Temp. Materials Handbook has saved professional's time by providing a one-stop source of comprehensive information on virtually every material specifically designed and used for applications up to 4000ºF.

Cotronics' New High Temperature Materials Handbook for Electrical, Structural and Industrial Applications is the Ideal Reference CD to have on hand in any Lab, Research or Production Facility is available free.

All Cotronics' Products are Manufactured For Ease of Use and With Safety in Mind

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