The New LazerArc Division of Motion Index Drives Offers Custom Heavy Duty Engineered Positioning Solutions for Today's Manufacturing Automation Needs

LazerArc was established by Motion Index Drives in 2017 to separate the custom engineered solutions from standard product offerings for those customers looking for a wider selection of machinery to suit today's manufacturing automation needs. Backed by over 45 years of automation experience, LazerArc product lines include Single Axis 2 - Axis 3 - Axis and 4 and 5 Axis positioning and Robot Transfer units with 7 Axis in-floor mounted in elevated or inverted configurations. Whether it is a material handling job, paint or welding application, all of our units can be adapted to your specific robot brand to your specific robot brand.

LazerArc positioning systems include:

Single Axis:

  • Rotary Index Table
  • Headstock / Tailstock
  • Adjustable Weld Positioner
  • Precision Lift Unit
  • Tool Tray Transfer 2

Axis :

  • Lift and Rotate
  • Vertical and Horizontal
  • Lift and Rollover
  • Sky Hook
  • Drop Center VH Positioner


  • DR /TR 3 -Axis Positioning System
  • Triple-Dex Satellite - Rotary
  • Triple-Dex Satellite - Trunnions
  • Sky Hooks
  • Trunnion Lift and Rotate
  • Ferris Wheel

4-5 Axis:

  • 5 Axis Positioner
  • L Sky Hook
  • Robot Transfer Units (7th Axis) can be manufactured in floor mounted, elevated or inverted configurations.

All of our LazerArc products are built with the highest precision materials and engineering expertise, customized to fit your specific applications.

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