Tensile Testers Indicate Tensile Strength, Peel Strength, Tearing and Seal Strength

Tensile Test, also known as tension test, is a fundamental materials science test in which a sample is subjected to a controlled tension until failure. So tensile tester is an important and necessary equipment for material manufacturers and supplier to control the quality. Labthink International will make a full use of the tensile tester. Labthink recently designed a new series of tensile testers, which is equipped with more than 100 grips for tests of more than 1,000 materials. Besides the accurate tensile test, they can also be used to 90/180 degree peel test for adhesives, seal strength test for sealed packaging, tearing test for paper and sheeting, puncture test with different degrees, compression test for boxes, etc.

Without any complicate processes, you can make a tensile tester as a universal material tester by changing different grips. What a great thing!

As to the accuracy of the tests, it all depends on the sensors. To meet different requirement of materials, we have two levels of accuracy. one is 1% of FS and the other is better than 0.5% of FS. Clients can choose any kind of equipment according to their needs.

All Labthink tensile testers are controlled by micro computer and equipped with large LCD display. all the setting parameters and test results can be read on the screen directly.

Interesting in these tensile testers? Now contact us or visit our website, you will find more surprises!

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