Tensile Testers are used for 90/180 Degree Peel Strength Test

i-STRENTEK 1100 Auto Tensile Tester is designed to determine the tensile, peeling, tearing, heat sealing, adhesive, piercing, opening, low speed unwrapping and pulling force of the plastic film, composite material, flexible packaging material, plastic tube, adhesives, adhesive tapes, medical plasters, release paper, protective films, combination caps, aluminum foils, diaphragm, back sheets, non-woven fabrics, rubber and paper etc.

A: Prepare test specimens according to specific standards. Then stick the adhesive tape on the test plate.

B: Adjust the space between upper sample grip and lower sample grip to meet the requirements of the specimen by pressing “Lower”, “Lift” and “Stop” keys. Then mount the specimen properly with pneumatic clamp. Keep observing the space between the fixture for 90 degree peel test and the lower sample grip after pressing the “Lower” key. Press “Stop” key immediately when the space is less than 15mm to stop the motion of upper sample grip. Otherwise the instrument may be damaged seriously.

C: Set up test parameters, specimen parameters and select proper test speed. Then start the test.

D: View and record the test data. If the test curve is not satisfactory, the test should be abandoned and new test with another specimen should be started until proper test data could be obtained.

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