Temporary Masking Resins Allow Immediate Processing of Surgical Instruments And Orthopedic Implants

Called the SpeedMask ® 7100 Series, a new line of temporary metal masking resins is offered by the DYMAX Corporation. These temporary masks offer reliable surface protection for orthopedic implants, implant hardware, surgical instruments and medical devices. These masking resins cure in seconds using UV light. Multiple viscosity ranges simplify dispensing and reduce mask application to a single coat process. This new line of UV curing products offers a range of adhesion levels to assure uncompromised protection and ease of removal. SPEEDMASK resins leave no toxic residue on surfaces. Bio-compatible grades are available.

SPEEDMASK 7100 Series products are designed to coat and adhere to surfaces to assure reliable protection during most metal finishing processes. Selected levels of adhesion may be chosen to seal and protect surfaces during tumbling, peening, abrading and cleaning processes. Blasting and peening masks eliminate external damage to coated and non-coated surfaces. SPEEDMASK 7100 Series products also resist acid and alkali cleaning and plating solutions.

Though SPEEDMASK 7100 Series resins adhere well to machined surfaces, they are also designed to remove easily. Masks are available in both peelable and water soluble grades. Peelable Masks peel away from surfaces at room temperature or after a warm water soak at 120○F. Water soluble masks wash off with hot water spray or in agitated baths at 140-180○F.

DYMAX Corporation is a technology-based company specializing in the formulation, manufacture and service of advanced assembly adhesives, coatings, masks, and light curing systems.

For more information, contact DYMAX Corporation, 51 Greenwoods Road, Torrington, CT 06790; Phone: 860-482-1010; Fax: 860-496-0608; Toll Free: 1-877-DYMAX-UV (1-877-396-2988); e-mail: speedmask@dymax.com or visit our website at www.speedmask.com

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