Sigma Design's Advanced Engineering Analysis Embraces the Growing Demand for Efficient Water Re-use and Conservation

SPRINGFIELD, NJ - March 19, 2008 - By utilizing advanced engineering methods and knowledge management, Sigma Design has embraced the impending demand for global water reutilization and conservation. Such methods include computational fluid dynamics (CFD), efficient system design, and filtration selection and design.

"Because a large portion of our national water withdrawal isn't actually consumed, but is reused from thermoelectric generation, there's a great need to insure that that re-use is efficient and economical," says Jerry Lynch, president of Sigma Design Company ( "In addition, the consumption of water by commercial irrigation and livestock feeding is significant and would greatly benefit from an engineering analysis to insure that the net consumption could be minimized with filtration and fluid system design. Engineering design initiatives are imperative to enable the best use of water, and to insure that reutilization is accomplished by economical means."

Water is increasingly a scarce commodity explains Lynch. At present, the world's population faces a water shortage, particularly in expanding industrial nations such as China, where a severe water shortage is looming. Says Lynch: "According to the United Nations, 1.1 billion people lack safe access to drinking water. This is significant and warrants technological review and solutions."

Water is becoming a category that investors are actually betting on as this scarcity emerges, and that is where the knowledge and experience of Sigma Design can play an important role. "Looking at water withdrawal and consumption from every aspect, and using filtration selection and system design as well as sophisticated fluid modeling can brighten the commodity's availability.

Sigma Design's efforts parallel those of organizations such as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Both are aware of the problem and are progressive in their thinking to conserve this resource. ASHRAE states that they are "developing a standard that can be used globally to conserve this valuable resource."

Lynch emphasizes that valuable engineering tools that his firm employs such as computational fluid analysis, efficient system design, and careful filtration selection and design can reap great rewards in water consumption and reutilization.
"It's a classic case of how mechanical engineering can be utilized to solve problems facing industry. In the end, it can be a welcome investment for today's industrial firm competing in a global environment," says Lynch.

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