SCHUNK Hydraulic Expansion Toolholders

With more than 75,000 implemented, customer-specific solutions, SCHUNK has been developing and manufacturing hydraulic expansion toolholders and hydraulic expansion arbors for high-precision applications in milling, boring, turning, grinding, mounting, inspection, and balancing for over 35 years. With SCHUNK, you'll profit from the know-how of the world's largest supplier and the market leader for hydraulic expansion technology.

From the initial discussion through to integration of the finished clamping device in your processes, you will benefit from our customer-orientation and development expertise. By providing an individualized engineering design, we guarantee optimal adaptation of the clamping device to the workpiece and machine.

There are many benefits to using SCHUNK toolholders including customer-specific clamping solutions, such as ease of operation, maximum run-out and repeat accuracy of < 0.003 mm, and excellent vibration damping. These solutions offer better surface quality and prevents micro-blowout on the tool's cutting edge.


SCHUNK is a German family-owned company and global player in one - a competence and world market leader for clamping technology and gripping systems. SCHUNK designs and manufactures an unmatched selection of gripping systems including grippers, rotary modules, linear modules, robotic components, sensors and accessories. With a total of 11,000 standard components, SCHUNK offers the world’s largest assortment of clamping technology and gripping systems.

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