Richardson Electronics and Powerex Offer IGBT Breakthrough...

Ultra-Low Loss NX-S Series IGBT Improves Inverter Performance

LaFox, Illinois: Richardson Electronics, Ltd. (NASDAQ: RELL) and Powerex, Inc., announce off-the-shelf availability of Powerex's breakthrough 6th generation IGBT family. Richardson Electronics carries a substantial inventory of Powerex IGBT devices to support its customers in the Americas. The 6th generation technology includes ultra-low-loss performance (20% lower than the 5th generation IGBT family), while maintaining popular packaging options which are backwards compatible with the 5th generation devices.

"This state-of-the-art IGBT technology paves the way for industry-leading efficiency in new inverter designs," said Kevin Connor, Vice President of the Energy, Power & Interconnect Group at Richardson. "In addition, reduced losses within the device means a lower operating junction temperature and this will lead to reduced space, less weight, and lower overall cost for the thermal management sub-system required to properly cool a given inverter design."

NX-S Series IGBTs in stock at Richardson and available for same-day shipment include:

Device Configuration Voltage (V) Current (A) Package Type *
CM75RX-24S 7-pack 1200 75 NX-M (122 x 62 mm)
(Three phase bridge)
+ Brake
CM100RX-24S 7-pack 1200 100 NX-M (122 x 62 mm)
(Three phase bridge)
+ Brake
CM150RX-24S 7-pack 1200 150 NX-M (122 x 62 mm)
(Three phase bridge)
+ Brake
CM150TX-24S Six pack 1200 150 NX-M (122 x 62 mm)
(Three phase bridge)
CM200DX-24S Dual (Half-Bridge) 1200 200 NX-M (122 x 62 mm)
CM300DX-24S Dual (Half-Bridge) 1200 300 NX-M (122 x 62 mm)
CM450DX-24S Dual (Half-Bridge) 1200 450 NX-M (122 x 62 mm)

* excluding terminals

Richardson Electronics' global field sales engineering team can help to identify the best Powerex IGBT for your inverter design project. Richardson also has the engineering capabilities to design and build custom gate drivers, power inverters, and other IGBT assemblies. To download NX-S Series datasheets or to buy Powerex NX-S Series IGBTs, please visit the Richardson Electronics website.

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