Remtec Increases Sales 62%, Adds New Technologies and Products for Optoelectronics, Wireless Communication, Medical Instrumentation, Defense and Space Applications.

Norwood, MA, May 6, 20ll. - Remtec Inc., a leader in custom and semi-custom ceramic packaging based on Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF) technology, has reported an increase in sales of 62 percent for Y2010. This growth has permitted Remtec to add new equipment and to develop new technologies that have resulted in a more advanced and diverse product offerings for optoelectronics, wireless communication, medical instrumentation and defense and space applications.

The largest sales increase in the company's history has also allowed Remtec to expand and diversify its sales base. Remtec's president, Nahum Rapoport explains, "We now have a more advanced and diverse product mix as well as the technology for more demanding applications in current and new markets. Our technological advancements have permitted us to solidify new market development in advanced ceramic packaging for high power industrial lasers and high brightness LED devices, medical instrumentation, and defense electronics." Remtec's current business model and product mix now reflect a greater diversity and wider market penetration as well as an even split between domestic and international sales.

Remtec's growth during the year was supported by the addition of a new gold-tin plating line for economic production of high quality laser diode submounts and semiconductor packaging. A new production line for direct bond copper (DBC) substrates for high power applications and semiconductor packaging was also added. Other capital improvements during the year included additional production machinery, test and inspection equipment upgrades as well as facility expansion. In support of increased sales activity and capital improvements, Remtec increased the number of critical personnel with the addition of a quality assurance manager, process development engineers and technical and operations personnel.

Remtec's exceptional sales growth in 2010 has continued through the first quarter of 2011 with a sales increase of 35 percent over the first quarter of 2010. A recent customer survey projects positive growth for 2011 with 65% of customers predicting sales increases for the year.

Remtec, a RoHS compliant, IS0 9001:2000 and ITAR registered company, operates a manufacturing facility totaling 30,000 sq. ft. in Norwood, MA. Remtec provides custom and semi-custom packaging solutions using its copper technology for DC power electronics, optoelectronics and MW/RF products in military and commercial industries.

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