QuickPurge® Your Pipes for Perfect Welds

Time is money. Welders, supervisors, welding engineers, quality control personnel and others are kept waiting, sometimes for many hours, for stainless steel or titanium pipe joints to be purged of oxygen ready for welding. Weld purging is necessary to reduce the oxygen content below 50 parts per million so that the weld surfaces and the adjacent hot metal doesnā€™t oxidise and thereby cause loss of corrosion resistance and metallurgical imperfections.

Such time loss and excessive waste of argon gas can be avoided now because of QuickPurgeĀ® Tube, Pipe and Pipeline Weld Purging Systems designed and manufactured by weld purging specialists and developers, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFTĀ®.

Whatever the size of pipe, QuickPurgeĀ® Systems reduce waiting times so dramatically that they pay for themselves in less than one weld. For example, a 36ā€ diameter stainless steel pipe can be purged down to 100 parts per million (ppm) of oxygen in under 32 minutes. Comparing this with weld purging using foam dams or other home made devices that will outgas heavily into the welding zone, taking many hours.

Ron Sewell, Chairman of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFTĀ® said: ā€œRecently, the Welding Manager at a leading pipework fabricator was tasked with reducing costs and waiting time in the department. The specialists at HFTĀ® were contacted to discuss the possibility of helping with this requirement as well as to meet the technical demands of the welding process.ā€

ā€œSeveral welds were made with different sizes of pipe and all were successful, creating confidence that the QuickPurgeĀ® System would indeed be a valuable choice for performance enhancement.

Some features of QuickPurgeĀ® Systems include:

ā€¢ An additional gas input line, allowing extra purge gas to be introduced for extra high speed purging down to the lowest oxygen levels, which is perfect for larger diameter pipes where quality welds are required. This extra cold argon gas input is perfect for mitigating the extra heat produced by the Plasma / TIG process.

ā€¢ The advanced design of the QuickPurgeĀ® System means that oxygen levels as low as 10 parts per million (ppm) can be reached every time, allowing zero colour welds to be achieved with no loss of corrosion resistance caused by oxidation.

ā€¢ IntaCalĀ® combined with the integrated PurgeGateĀ® device makes it possible to safely inflate the systems with argon gas, for sealing and then purging the space between the dams where the weld joint is located. With PurgeGateĀ®, any risk of over inflation is due to pressure or flow increase, is eliminated.

ā€¢ All systems are manufactured as standard with a hose for connecting a Weld Purge MonitorĀ®, which can read oxygen levels down to as low as 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm).

ā€¢ Materials used in the manufacture of QuickPurgeĀ® are such that they are resistant to the higher weld temperatures present and they don't outgas, preventing weld contamination.

For pre-heated chrome steel and high strength stainless steel pipe joints, HFTĀ® manufactures the HotPurgeĀ® Systems for a higher and longer temperature exposure.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFTĀ® are Weld Purging Innovators, Designers and Manufacturers with offices located globally.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFTĀ® invented the ā€˜Weld Purge MonitorĀ®ā€™ in 1975 and own all international intellectual property rights and registered trademarks.

Weld purging is the act of removing, from the vicinity of the joint, oxygen, water vapour and any other gases or vapours that might be harmful to a welding joint. Such gases may combine with the metal to form undesirable compounds that may reduce corrosion resistance or may be instrumental in creating cracks or other structural defects in metals.

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