Quadrant Uses Multimedia Experience to Share New Design and Fabrication Ideas With Designers

Cutting Edge Website Offers Engineers Learning and a Little Bit of Fun

(Reading, PA, March 23, 2009) - Quadrant EPP has launched www.designwithtorlon.com, a multimedia website built specifically to introduce engineers, designers and machinists to many of the advantages that machinable Torlon® PAI shapes from Quadrant can offer. This new site provides traditional information like product specs, basic application information and downloadable documentation but adds special video elements that increase the site's usefulness for the design community.

Video segments that share some of Quadrant's six decades of plastic machining experience cover topics like saw cutting, turning, milling and fly-cutting. Site visitors can see first hand how these processes are done in Quadrant's Technical Center. The processes demonstrated address many frequently asked questions about designing parts with Torlon PAI and many other advanced engineering plastics. In addition to the video segments focused on visual instruction of fabrication procedures, Quadrant has introduced talk show segments to address design and performance concepts. The talk show segments are grouped in the site's Vodcast area and are intended to be entertaining while being informative. The show, hosted by Dr. Rod Modulus can be subscribed to as an RSS feed for visitors who want to stay connected to the program.

The site's focus is on the somewhat unknown performance advantage that Torlon PAI can yield when compared to machinable polyimide materials. Applications that require the highest performance in environments under 500˚F (260˚C) can often be best served by considering Torlon PAI shapes from Quadrant. Stiffness, stability and wear-resistance of Torlon PAI are all featured in the "Why Torlon" area of the site and will likely cause engineers and designers to consider this more cost-effective yet higher performing option instead of traditional polyimides.

Learning about new materials and ways to evolve your designs can be fun. Check out Quadrant's www.designwithtorlon.com site to see what's new in advanced engineering plastic materials.

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