Push Pin Heat Sinks Offer More than 100,000 Configurations

Norwood, MA -- With 108,000 possible configurations, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) now provides the widest choice of push pin-mounted heat sinks for cooling BGAs and other hot components.

More than 200 ATS heat sinks are available with convenient push pin mounting. The lightweight aluminum heat sinks include straight fin, cross-cut, and ATS maxiFLOW spread fin geometries. More than 100 fine- pitch heat sinks are available for effective cooling in high velocity airflows. For low airflow conditions, another 100 sinks are available with coarse-pitch fins and wide fin spacing. The full range of heat sinks is sized for cooling components in lengths from 25-70 mm.

All ATS push pin heat sinks feature pre-drilled holes for secure mounting to PCBs in industry standard locations. To meet application needs, push pins are available in both durable plastic and brass. Plastic pins are lighter and non-electrically conductive. Metal pins have added strength and durability for more rugged applications or thicker devices. All push pins feature flexible barbs that lock securely in PCB holes.

Compression springs on the push pins add the required forces for firm attachment and effective heat transfer. These springs come in 21 sizes to provide the precise forces needed to optimize heat sink performance on different PCBs.

ATS push pin heat sinks are pre-assembled with a phase-change thermal interface material to increase heat transfer. Double-sided thermal tape and no TIM options are available for application specific requirements.

All ATS push pin heat sinks are conveniently ordered with no minimum from Digi-Key, the exclusive global distributor of these heat sinks and many other ATS thermal management products. The ATS website, Qats.com, also provides a gateway to ordering each push pin sink model from Digi-Key.

More information on push pin heat sinks is found on Qats.com and Digi-Key.com, or by calling Advanced Thermal Solutions at 781-769-2800.

About Advanced Thermal Solutions

Advanced Thermal Solutions is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production. The company provides the maxiGRIP and superGRIP heat sink attachment systems for use with high performance maxiFLOW heat sinks. Qats.com

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