Pumpcoat's Application for Protective High Temperature Coating on Chemical Manufacturing Parts

Pumpcoat received a call recently from one of its customers, a prominent chemical manufacturing company near Boston. This company makes specialty and performance chemicals that are used as ingredients for many other manufacturing processes.  Carbon black, which is used in tire manufacturing and industrial rubber products, Aerogel which can be found in energy-efficient building components and personal care products, and colorants used in ink-jet pigments and other ink based formulas.

Their manufacturing process puts their equipment through some harsh applications. Normal stainless steel does not do well in these conditions. The parts end up corroding and wearing through quickly. Our customer had some Stainless Steel Sanitary Adapters that were going into a processing system that saw elevated temperatures of close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, abrasive particulates, and Hydrogen Chloride vapor. They needed a coating to protect these adapters and prolong their existence.  Pumpcoat had the coating to help.

The adapters were shipped to our shop.  Our field coatings expert prepped the parts and applied two coats of Arcor epoxy S-20 high functionality Novolac coating.  It is specially designed as a protective coating for metals in highly aggressive and caustic environments. It works excellent in high temperatures as well.  The S-20 Coating was approximately 40 mils when finished, and shipped back to our customer who installed them into their processing system. As we have previously coated different valves and pieces for this customer’s systems, we can expect long-lasting results from the S-20 coating, and that the Stainless Steel Adapters will stand up to the high temperatures and corrosive vapors.  For more information on how PCI's coatings can be of help in your processing systems, please call today 508-540-5878, or visit us on the web www.pumpcoat.com.

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