Pittman Brushless DC 'Micromotors' ...

A new family of PITTMAN® brushless DC servo motors incorporates patented coil-winding geometry in a slotless motor design to deliver more power using less energy. These "micromotors" can perform ideally in medical instruments, dental drills, hand power tools, home appliances, computer hardware, marine pumps, and automotive-related devices, among other applications.

All models in the new product line benefit from the patented "Parallex" winding geometry for maximum high efficiency; high energy NdFeB rare earth magnets for enhanced performance; robust construction with stainless steel housings for corrosion-resistance; and precision ABEC bearings and balanced rotors for smooth and quiet operation.

Five series (Size 05, 08, 11, 14, and 18) allow for a wide selection of power solutions. The smallest (Size 05 Series) performs with virtually no vibration at the highest speeds and the heavy-duty Size 18 Series motor can be engineered for application-specific performance and efficiency.

Sizes for these "micromotors" range from .500 in. to 1.750 in. and speeds up to 44,525 rpm and continuous torque up to 42.6 oz-in. can be achieved, depending on model.

All types can be customized with various material and component options to satisfy particular application requirements.

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