Pem® Keyhole® Self-Clinching Standoff FastenersProfiled in Updated Product Bulletin

A free updated four-page product bulletin profiles PEM® KEYHOLE® self-clinching stainless steel standoff fasteners. Upon permanent installation in thin metal sheets, these fasteners enable a printed circuit board or panel to be slipped quickly into place and then removed when necessary from an assembly simply by sliding the board sideways and lifting it off.

The latest "Bulletin SK" provides specifications, performance data, and installation procedure for the standoffs (Type SKC(TM)), which are offered in a wide range of lengths for installation in metal sheets as thin as .040"/1mm. These fasteners are RoHS compliant.

PEM KEYHOLE stainless steel standoffs (Type SKC(TM)) serve ideally to space or hang replaceable components and can streamline assembly time and dramatically reduce the amount of hardware required in an assembly. Typically, several KEYHOLE standoffs are used with one standard PEM threaded standoff, which accepts a screw to secure a board or component against any unwanted movement.

"Bulletin SK" can be downloaded free in PDF format from

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