Papers Invited for frozen soil mechanical properties symposium.

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Papers are invited for symposium on Mechanical Properties of Frozen Soil, which will be held January 31, 2013 in Jacksonville, FL. To participate in this symposium, presenters/authors must submit 250-300 word preliminary abstract no later than January 31, 2012. Abstract must include clear objective definition and approach of work discussed, pointing out material that is new, and present sufficient details regarding results.

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Papers Are Invited for ASTM International Symposium on Mechanical Properties of Frozen Soil

W. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.-Papers are invited for a symposium on Mechanical Properties of Frozen Soil, to be held Jan. 31, 2013, at the Hyatt Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Fla. Sponsored by ASTM International Committee D18 on Soil and Rock, the symposium will be held in conjunction with the committee's standards development meetings.

The symposium will provide a forum for exchange of ideas on current research on the testing of mechanical properties of frozen ground. A key objective is to identify new opportunities for standards and specifications that will facilitate construction on frozen soils as well as utilization of natural resources in frozen soil conditions.

Articles on triaxial testing, dynamic testing and tensile strength testing of frozen soil and tailings are of interest. Papers on other frozen soil testing methods are also welcome. Providing a rationale for the various details within a new standard for triaxial testing of frozen soils is of particular interest. The topics of interest under these themes are (but not limited to): equipment requirements; specimen considerations; testing procedure; data analyisis; application of test data; and typical test results for certain frozen soils and tailings.

To participate in the symposium, presenters/authors must submit a 250-300 word preliminary abstract no later than Jan. 31, 2012. The abstract must include a clear definition of the objective and approach of the work discussed, pointing out material that is new, and present sufficient details regarding results. The presentation and manuscript must not be of a commercial nature nor can it have been previously published. Symposium chairman Hannele Zubeck will notify you via postal mail by March 26, 2012, of your paper's acceptability for presentation at the symposium.

Symposium presenters are required to submit their papers to the Selected Technical Paper (STP), an online and printed, peer-reviewed publication for the international scientific and engineering community. Manuscripts to be peer reviewed for the STP are due no later than Jan. 17, 2013.

For abstract submittal and other related information, visit

Additional information is available from symposium chairman Hannele Zubeck, University of Alaska Anchorage, Kenai, Alaska (phone: 907-283-6535;

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