Oxford Instruments Announces the Acquisition of Worldwide Analytical Systems (WAS) AG

Oxford Instruments announced today that it has received irrevocable acceptances and the backing of management in the acquisition of WAS AG, a leading German manufacturer and international supplier of Arc/Spark optical emission spectrometers and preparatory equipment used to analyse the chemical properties of metals. An offer for the remaining minority shares has been made.

WAS' technology and expertise in mobile, portable and stationary optical emission spectrometry (OES) will significantly strengthen and complement Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis' existing product range of industrial spectrometers. The OES technique is particularly suited for the measurement of most elements including key ones such as Carbon, Sulfur, Phosphorous and Nitrogen, in all metals. Inspection companies use OES for maintenance checks at petrochemical and nuclear plants where use of the correct alloy is vital. Customers in the aviation, oil refining and metal fabrication industries will now have a greater choice of high performance tools to meet their demanding Positive Material Identification (PMI) requirements. Metal foundries and recyclers will value the excellent throughput and price / performance that our enhanced product range will offer for their Quality Control and trading requirements.

This acquisition is part of the strategy put in place by Chief Executive, Jonathan Flint, to acquire complementary technologies and double the size of the Company over five years.

Bradley Boyer, President of Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis (OIIA), said: 'This acquisition is part of our on-going strategy to deliver added value to our customers and to grow our share of the OES market. We are delighted that WAS will be joining us, and look forward to working with them to deliver an enhanced service to our customers.'

Vito Angona, Managing Director of WAS, is joining the OIIA Board. 'We are delighted to be part of the Oxford Instruments group of companies" he said, "and look forward to playing a significant role in the next stage of the business growth'

Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

OIIA offers a range of Analytical Instruments designed for demanding quality control applications. From materials analysis to thickness gauging, the Industrial Analysis products incorporate the latest in available technology, coupled with over 30 years of experience in designing, producing and supporting world class instruments.

Our X-MET handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysers and ARC-MET mobiles Optical Emission (OES) analysers are specifically designed for positive material identification, alloy analysis and identification and X-METs for hazardous material analysis (RoHS).

Our Lab-X, Twin-X, ED2000 and MDX1000 XRF spectrometers span the price/performance range for routine chemical analysis. From Sulfur in petroleum products to the analysis of limestone, we can match exactly the correct spectrometer to your needs, as we have the broadest range available in the industry.

For thickness gauging applications we offer handheld magnetic and eddy current gauges to full function, high performance XR systems. Our recently introduced X-Strata960 provides world-class performance.

Oxford Instruments plc

Oxford Instruments designs, supplies and supports high-technology tools, processes and solutions with a focus on physical science, bioscience, environmental and industrial research and applications. It provides solutions needed to advance fundamental nanoscience research and its transfer into commercial nanotechnology applications. Innovation has been the driving force behind Oxford Instruments' growth and success for over 40 years, and its strategy is to effect the successful commercialisation of these ideas by bringing them to market in a timely and customer-focused fashion.

The first technology business to be spun out from Oxford University over forty years ago, Oxford Instruments is now a global company with over 1,300 staff worldwide and a listing on the London Stock Exchange (OXIG). Its objective is to be the leading provider of new generation tools and systems for the Physical Science and Bioscience sectors.

This involves the combination of core technologies in areas such as low temperature and high magnetic field environments, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, X-ray electron and optical based metrology, and advanced growth, deposition and etching. Our products, expertise, and ideas address global issues such as energy, environment, terrorism and health and are part of the next generation of telecommunications, energy products, environmental measures, security devices, drug discovery and medical advances.


WAS AG is a leading German manufacturer and international supplier of Arc/Spark optical emission spectrometers and preparatory equipment used to analyse the chemical properties of metals. The product range covers mobile, portable and stationary emission spectrometers for laboratory and industrial applications.

At its headquarters and production facility in Uedem, 67 employees manufacture more than 450 systems per year. Highly skilled engineers and specialists provide after sales service and support for customers and partners worldwide

WAS AG is active in more than 40 countries. Since breaking into the market in 1999 more than 2000 spectrometer systems have been installed. The worldwide distribution and subsequent investments in new technologies resulted in an annual growth of 25%.
In just a few years, WAS AG has managed to establish itself as a leading supplier of spectrometers. This success is primarily due to the emphasis of the Company's philosophy of "distinction by innovation" and the reputation of being a problem solver.

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