OleumTech Releases 3 New Wireless I/O Modules

OleumTech Corporation is delighted to announce the launch of three new WIO® Wireless I/O Modules: Analog Input, Digital I/O, and Multi-I/O.

These new Wireless Modules eliminate the need for secondary WIO® Wireless Gateways to a network for adding additional I/Os, simplifying setup & operation while reducing equipment cost.

The new Wireless I/O Modules are designed to communicate with the primary Wireless Gateway in a network as point-to-point end nodes attached to field devices for such applications as pressure monitoring, wireless valve control, emergency shutdown, mirror I/O, triggering alarm, and many other mission-critical process monitoring and control applications. In addition, the Wireless Multi-I/O Module supports Modbus Master (read/write) feature for added automation control function. The new Modules are available in 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz radio option.

Please contact your OleumTech representative for more details.

Key features:

- High-performance WIO® Wireless Connectivity

- Wireless Analog Input Module is equipped for 4 analog inputs (0-10 V or 4-20 mA, independently selectable channels)

- Wireless Digital I/O Module features 6 discrete/digital channels for mixed inputs or outputs

- Wireless Multi-I/O Module includes 4 analog inputs and 4 discrete/digital channels for inputs or outputs + Modbus Master (read/write) functionality

- 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz option

- Safe for use in hazardous locations (Class I; Division 2)

- Up to 40-mile RF range

- Embedded optimal RF setup guide using RSSI tag

- Compatible with BreeZ 4.0 Software

- Require Wireless Gateway Firmware Update to version

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