Novel Concepts, Inc.'s Patented Thermal Superconductor Could Render Computer Fans Obsolete

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 21 -- For over a decade, Novel Concepts, Inc. ( has been on the forefront of thermal management technology, with multiple patents under its belt. Today the company is again breaking ground: Novel Concepts, Inc. has announced IsoSkin(TM), a patented, thin planar thermal superconducting heat spreader with heat transfer performance 20 times greater than copper.

Developed to allow the computer industry to reduce microprocessor core temperatures while reducing - and often eliminating - the need for computer cooling fans, IsoSkin is just 1.5 millimeters thick, about the same as a U.S. penny. In spite of its size, however, IsoSkin's new superconducting heat spreader technology packs a big punch. Though it is 60% lighter than copper, the material is capable of transferring over 250 watts, with thermal efficiency four times greater than that of the highest purity diamond.

IsoSkin is also affordable - the heat spreaders can be manufactured for pennies per square centimeter. Microprocessor and electronics companies, feverishly working to keep the next generation of advanced microcircuits from melting, are now testing IsoSkin's thermal superconducting properties.

"The number-one problem for microprocessor designers is heat," stated Daniel L. Thomas, Novel Concepts, Inc.'s chief technology officer. "The speed of the fastest personal computers sold today is limited by the microprocessor temperature. If computer companies used materials such as IsoSkin to reduce microprocessor core temperatures, much faster personal computers would be available."

Novel Concepts, Inc. is already at work on the next generation of IsoSkin. Anticipating high demand, the company is currently accepting applications from experienced sales professionals interested in selling the patented IsoSkin intellectual property rights licenses. To learn more about IsoSkin, visit Novel Concepts, Inc. at


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