New Technology from OGP®

Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP) introduced several new products at Quality Expo in Chicago last week (9/22/09).

Contour Projectors® with NEW Technologies

OGP introduced three new Contour Projectors at Quality Expo: Focus(TM) Lite 14", Focus 14", and Focus Advance 16" Horizontal Contour Projectors. All three models of these rugged benchtop comparators feature ground-breaking, innovative hardware and software technologies.

TruLight(TM) All-LED Illumination

OGP introduced the innovative all-LED TruLight illumination, a world-first use in optical comparators, including the unique eight-LED TruLight Ringlight. TruLight LEDs offer variable intensities, are extremely bright, and provide consistent illumination performance. They are also long-lived, providing tens of thousands of hours of service, and consume a fraction of the energy needed for tungsten illumination.

Video Camera Automation Package

The Video Camera Automation Package transforms motorized Focus systems into dual function comparator-and-2D-video-measuring-systems - allowing access to the video measuring tools and advanced programming options of OGP metrology software, while retaining the conveniences of comparator inspections, in a single system.

CAD for Comparators

New eCAD(TM) works on specially configured OGP Contour Projectors to project a part image and its CAD file simultaneously onto the same screen. Using eCAD, profile tolerance bands may be exaggerated and coupled to the part image for manual or semi-automatic inspection, virtually eliminating the need for screen charts.

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