New Technologies from Delphi Help Vehicles Unveiled at IAA to be Safer, Greener and Better Connected

Delphi technologies displayed on new models at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show E-mobility : Innovative technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles

Frankfurt, Germany-According to the European automotive supplier association (CLEPA), automotive suppliers account for approximately 75 percent of the vehicle industry's final product value and are responsible for approximately 50 percent of the research and development in the sector.

"The latest technologies from automotive suppliers are helping car makers develop new vehicles that meet market demands for safer and greener vehicles, and help drivers remain connected to their daily lives. Delphi is a flexible and reliable partner for the long term that provides innovative and affordable solutions to today's and tomorrow's industry challenges." said Rodney O'Neal, Chief Executive Officer and President, Delphi Corporation.

From state-of-the-art electronics and safety systems to intelligent electrical/electronic architectures and environmentally-friendly powertrain technologies to advanced thermal systems, and infotainment systems that help keep drivers connected, Delphi is committed to providing car makers innovative technologies that meet real world needs. Several Delphi technologies are being featured on new car models being unveiled at the IAA Frankfurt motor show.

Innovative technologies included on new models shown at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show include the following:

o Halogen free cable-Delphi's Halogen-Free Ultra-Thin-Wall Cable is a highly durable automotive cable with significantly lighter and thinner insulation than traditional cable. A recyclable and environmentally-friendly product free of dangerous halogens, it offers pinch resistance that is nearly double that of traditional cable and outstanding abrasion resistance. The use of this advanced cable also leads to cable size and weight reduction, which in turn cuts down on the amount of CO2 emissions the vehicle produces. It is featured on the new Ferrari 458 Italia that has been unveiled at the IAA. More information available at :

o eCall Antenna-The European Union has announced recently that the eCall system may be required on new European cars by 2014. Delphi has developed technologies which support the planned European standard-based emergency call system (eCall). The eCall initiative is an activity promoted by the European Union, which is aimed at reducing the number of fatal casualties in accidents. Vehicles equipped with the eCall emergency system can be controlled by a mobile telephone system. In the event of an accident, an emergency call is sent either automatically or manually by the driver, to the nearest rescue services station. The general aim of the concept is to help reduce the response time to an emergency call, thereby enabling assistance to be rendered faster, while also lowering the number of fatal accident casualties. The new BMW X1 launched at the IAA features Delphi's eCall antenna.

o Direct Acting Diesel Common Rail-Delphi's innovative approach in the design of a new common rail injector uses a piezo stack to directly actuate the needle of the injector nozzle (direct acting concept) instead of using today's servo concepts. The direct acting injector provides a reduction in engine-out emissions and fuel consumption. A revolutionary, rather than evolutionary, development path was followed to realize new levels of functionality and exceed customer requirements. The system is on the road today. More information available at :

o Smart Fuse Box-Delphi has developed the first smart fuse box that includes a dedicated ECU for enhanced battery management. Thanks to the development of a new high power bi-stable relay that meets harsh automotive environments, the unit, located on the battery, provides significant energy management functionalities that reduce battery size, weight, and total function cost, while protecting the vehicle against short circuits. Optional features, such as an integrated battery monitoring system, can also be offered. It is featured on several new PSA Peugeot Citroën models, including the newly unveiled Peugeot 5008.

o Innovative plug and play Powertrain Cooling Module-Delphi has developed a new flexible, interchangeable and cost-efficient Powertrain Cooling Module that can be customized easily for various packaging and performance requirements and adapted quickly to regional specifications around the globe. With a remarkably low weight, high-power ratings, and increased corrosion resistance, the module - consisting of a cooling fan, radiator, air cooler and condenser-allows for flexibility in packaging and significantly simplifies assembly. The new plug and play system is 10 to 15 percent lighter and more efficient than traditional extruded or welded systems due to the folded internal structure of its pipes, allowing for reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from the vehicle. More information available at :

o TV Reception System-Featured on the new BMW 5er Gran Turismo, the Delphi TV Reception System provides worldwide color TV reception in vehicles by using multiple in-glass or composite body structure antennas, integrated amplifiers and ScanDiv(TM) scanning diversity technology. Patented ScanDiv technology automatically selects the best audio and video signal from the 2 or 3 antennas to provide passengers the same TV quality that they would expect at home. More information available at

o Charge Air Cooler-Delphi Charge Air Coolers not only enhance engine performance but also help lower exhaust emissions. In turbocharged engine applications, the air used for the engine combustion is compressed to increase its density. The thermodynamic effect of this compression is a temperature increase up to 220°C. Delphi Charge Air Coolers (CAC) are designed to cool this air to further improve its density allowing more air mass flow to the engine. This makes the combustion more efficient resulting in better engine performance and lower exhaust emissions. Delphi's Charge Air Coolers are featured on the new Peugeot RCZ, which was unveiled at the show. More information can be found at

Delphi engineers are currently working on the technologies which will be featured on tomorrow's cars. More drivers are expressing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles, as seen at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, and vehicle manufacturers are faced with unique challenges as they strive to meet consumer demand, and many countries are taking initiatives to develop greener vehicles. Germany recently unveiled a plan to have a million electric cars on German roads by 2020 and to transform the country into the world's top market for the zero-emission vehicles. Delphi is taking steps to help our customers achieve this goal. As they turn to leading suppliers to help them achieve their performance, fuel economy, and emissions objectives, Delphi is ready with real-world solutions. From power electronics and electrical/electronic architecture to thermal management technologies and automotive aftermarket expertise, Delphi hybrid and electric vehicle technologies are helping manufacturers increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and enhance safety with products designed to provide peak performance, resolve packaging challenges and lower cost.

A selection of new vehicles launched at the IAA featuring Delphi technology include:

BMW 5ER GRAN TURISMO Pencil Coils, Roof Module, Seat Switch, TV-Receiver

BMW X1 Carbon Canisters, eCall Antenna, Various switches (Window Lifter Switches, Steering Wheel Switches Plus Paddles, Seat Switches)

CITROËN C3 Alarm System, EPS (Electric Power Steering) Single Pinion, Front and rear damper, Remote Keyless Entry, Seat heating switch, Transponder Antenna, Window lifter, Wiring Harness, 5-way connector with TPA (Terminal Position Assurance)

FERRARI 458 ITALIA HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Module), Wiring Harness, MagneRide Suspension.

MERCEDES E-CLASS COUPE CABRIO DAB-Tuner, Direct Acting Piezo Common-Rail Diesel, Engine Wiring, Hydraulic Lash Adjuster + ignition coils (on V6 and V8 engines), Hybrid TV-Tuner, Integrated Antenna, PODS (Passenger Occupant Detection System), Remote Audio Tuner, Ultrasonic Alarm

OPEL ASTRA ECUs (Electronic Control Units), ICP (Integrated Centre Panel), Ignition, Powertrain Cooling Module (Condensor Radiator Fan Module, Charge Air Cooler), Compressor, Wire Harness for Fuel Tank

PEUGEOT RCZ Alarm System, Column Integrated Module, Radiator, Condensor and Charge Air Cooler, Cruise control, Radio switch, Seat heating switch, Selespeed (speed selection control under the steering wheel), Transponder Antenna, Underhood Body Controler (BSM CAN), Window lifter

PEUGEOT 5008 Alarm System, CAN Gateway (BIR), Cruise control, Radio switch, Remote Keyless Entry, Smart Fuse Box (BPGA : Boîtier de Protection et de Gestion des Alimentations), Seat heating switch, Selespeed (speed selection control under the steering wheel), Transponder Antenna, Underhood Body Controler (BSM CAN)

RENAULT MEGANE CABRIO Cam phaser on Engine K4M+ (1,6l 16V), Diesel Common Rail Systems (Engine K9K), Connectors 6-way header, Various switches (Trunk switch, Head Lamplevelling Module + dimmer, hazard/door lock)

SAAB 9-5 HVAC (Heating ventilation air conditioning module), Wiring harness
VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK HVAC (Heating ventilation air conditioning module), Transponder

Innovation for the Real World

Delphi brings the power of innovation to a wide range of products and services that add value for car makers and car drivers alike. From vehicle components and systems to medical devices and beyond, Delphi delivers real-world innovations that help make products smarter, safer, more powerful, and much more valuable.

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