New Line Offers Fast, Accurate Assembly of High-Mix SMT PCBS with Utlra-Fast Job Changes

Electronics assemblers with high mix jobs, a need for automated assembly of 10,000 components per hour (cph), and stringent accuracy requirements will find what they're looking for in Manncorp's new 'High Mix High Flexibility' SMT assembly line.

Turnkey assembly lines offer several advantages over putting a production line together machine by machine, including the peace of mind of a single source of support for the entire line, equipment that's been proven to work well together, and a cost savings on both equipment and feeders.

Manncorp's new High Mix High Flexibility line features the four-head MC-388 pick and place machine. Its huge feeder capacity-192 when used with its 3-stage conveyor and 256 when set up as a batch machine-brings job changeover time to nearly zero. With ball screw drive, linear encoders, and full vision alignment, MC-388 is able to place components down to 0201s with accuracy of 30 µm, 3 sigma at rates reaching 10,500 cph. Uniquely, the machine can assemble boards and panels up to 1.2 m (48") long in a single pass.

Production really starts, however, with the MC1400 fully automatic stencil printer. Offering accuracy and repeatability on every print, MC1400 features dual squeegees, dual stroke control and automatic PCB offset alignment. Once printed, boards are delivered to the MC-388 for component placement via a CT-90 inline conveyor, eliminating the risk of solder paste being disturbed by operator handling.

After placement, PCBs are shuttled, smoothly, via a second CT-90 to the CR5000F, a compact, full-convection, lead-free reflow oven featuring five individually controlled top and bottom heating zones. It comes standard with an 18" wide adjustable pin conveyor installed over a 22" mesh belt. Included KIC®'s Auto-Focus Power software eliminates the guesswork of profile creation.

The CT-90 conveyors feature manual and auto by-pass modes, for selective or run-of-product QC checks and/or partial manual assembly as needed.

All automated turnkey lines from Manncorp include support, remote service, and a 2-year parts warranty. Installation and onsite training, performed by Manncorp's experienced technicians, are available to get the assembly line-and your operator(s)-up and earning its keep as quickly as possible.

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Paulette Kevolic
Marketing Coordinator

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