New Eterna Now Made Without PFOA

1 May 2010, Elverson, PA. Whitford announces the newest version of its highly successful Eterna line of nonstick coatings, known as "the world's longest-lasting nonstick". The new entry is made entirely without PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid, or "C8").

Eterna, Whitford's breakthrough nonstick coating system, was launched in January of 2009. Since then, more than 20 major manufacturers and marketers of cookware have launched lines of upper-end product coated with Eterna. Now their options are expanded with the new PFOA-free version.

Historically, PFOA has been used in small amounts as a wetting agent in making PTFE, the nonstick component of most coatings. However, the PFOA is completely incinerated in the curing (baking) process through which all such coatings pass, and has never been found in any test of nonstick-coated cookware conducted under normal cooking circumstances.

Nevertheless, the ingredient, however unfairly, has received negative publicity recently.

The new Eterna coatings avoid the possibility of any such publicity.

For those who prefer the original versions of Eterna made with low-PFOA, they will continue to be available.

For more information, please contact Whitford directly. Telephone: 610-286-3500. Email: Fax: 610-286-3510. Or visit our website: Whitford

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