Multi-Axes Cartesian Robotic Automation Platform

IntelLiDrives Cartesian Multi-Axes Robotic Automation Platforms are built with BSMA Series motorized ball screw linear actuators and are ideal for many automation applications including pick and place, assembly, test and inspection, dispensing stations.

Standard configurations include left or right handed XY, XYZ, and XZ systems. Stages can be side or base mounted with elevation raisers and base platform.

An optional rotary axis can be mounted to the Z stage. The integrated cable management system includes connectors for easy disconnect of customer cables and air lines.

All stages have environmental protection, options of stepper or brushless servo motors with encoders, integral limits and multiple ball-screw leads providing a wide range of speeds and resolutions.

Systems supplied installed on the base plate or mobile platform.


-XYZ gantry configuration

-Working XY area 400 x400 mm

-Z axis stroke 100 mm

-Ball screw pitch choices 5, 10, 25 mm

-Repeatability: 5 microns

-Dynamic load capacity: 10 Kg

-Optional Theta (rotary) axis

-Brushless servo or stepper motors

-Multi-axes control system with amplifiers

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