Marketron and Counterpoint Software Introduce Network Connect to Automate the Full Lifecycle of Network Orders for Media Groups

Radio Groups Now Have a Solution to Minimize Labor Costs and Virtually Eliminate Network Makegoods

HAILEY, Idaho and CALABASAS, Calif., -- Marketron, the leading provider of business software solutions and services for the media industry, and Counterpoint Software, the leading provider of end-to-end radio network solutions, today announced the release of Network Connect, a service delivered on the Marketron Exchange platform that enables radio groups to automate the entire process of network schedules from order placement through reporting and affidavit.

Network Connect has proven to minimize network spot makegoods and increase sellable airtime by eliminating the manual work of entering network orders into the station traffic system and by electronically returning exact spot times to the networks. Prior to Network Connect, orders, copy instructions and revisions related to fulfilling network contracts have been a complex process that costs radio stations an enormous amount of manpower, time and makegoods. Network Connect addresses these challenges and is exclusively available from Marketron. Leading networks including Dial Global and Premiere Networks are participating in Network Connect.

"This is an exciting development for the entire radio industry. As the economy continues to improve, the radio industry is experiencing a renewed period of investment. This solution allows station groups and managers to explore and redirect investment dollars into growth areas of their business while gaining a more efficient operation," said Charles Steinhauer, President of Operations, Dial Global. "Continued integration of systems across the medium allows for speed and accuracy of data and reporting, which benefits radio and our advertisers in an increasingly quantitative world."

By automating the process of managing network spot orders and providing a communication link between stations' traffic systems and networks, media groups realize the following benefits:

-- Eliminate the manual process from network spot orders. It takes an estimated twelve minutes of station time for network order entry, one minute for each copy instruction application and forty seconds to populate the affidavit for each spot. Given the hundreds or even thousands of network orders a station airs per year, radio groups will save thousands of hours that can be shifted to focus on sales, advertiser accountability and delivery of high-performance campaigns.

-- Further reduce order errors, discrepancies and makegoods. Through Network Connect, spot schedules and copy instructions are directly imported from each network, dramatically reducing the possibility of human error. As a result, network spots are more likely to air at the right time with the correct copy, ensuring network contract compliance.

Through a Marketron pilot program conducted with a large media group, Network Connect showed first-time compliance rates near 100%, virtually eliminating all makegoods associated with network spots. This increase ensures that station prime time inventory isn't consumed by network makegoods but is always available to sell, increasing top line revenue.

"Our clients collectively manage millions of network spots per year. Providing them with Network Connect, a service that can eliminate errors and discrepancies, reduce makegoods and increase compliance rates is very exciting for our industry," said Steven Minisini, CEO, Marketron. "Network Connect is another powerful example of Marketron's commitment to delivering services that help our clients drive top-line revenue, improve efficiencies and increase openness and connectivity with value-added partners and systems. As network is an important and growing aspect of many of our clients' businesses, the Network Connect capability and proven value proposition associated with it is critical and can only be provided by Marketron."

"As the leading provider of integrated systems for broadcasters and networks, Counterpoint Software understands the difficulties that networks face with the scheduling and reporting of spots," said Jim Foley, Founder, Counterpoint Software. "We're thrilled that Marketron can now offer media groups a simplified way of spot scheduling and reporting, allowing them the opportunity to generate profit by holding onto inventory for local sales."

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