Manncorp Adds Two Higher-Throughput PCB Assembly Systems to Turnkey Line-up

In response to increased interest from OEMs aiming to cut costs by bringing PCB assembly in-house, Manncorp has expanded the top end of its turnkey lines. The two new systems are the "High-Throughput Flex Line" which includes twin MC-385 pick and place machines with a combined placement rate of 10,000 cph, and the "Box Builder Line" with the MC-387 placer that houses a huge 224-feeder capacity.

The Flex Line enables assemblers to increase throughput by balancing their line. This is achieved by incorporating both pick and place machines - each IPC9850-rated at 5,500 cph, and capable of placing parts ranging from 0201 up to 150mm x 100mm. The Flex Line also includes the MC-1400 automatic stencil printer, the CR-8000 8-zone lead-free reflow oven, and two conveyors to link the placers and permit pre-reflow inspection. This turnkey is Internet-priced at $199,995.

The Box Builder Line, with its pick and place having an IPC9850-rated speed of 5,500 cph, is particularly suitable for short-run assemblers who require abundant feeder capacity. This asset allows the machine to be programmed for multiple processing scenarios without changeovers and downtime. Rounding out this turnkey are the MC-1400 automatic stencil printer, the CR-5000 5-zone lead-free reflow oven and the CT-90L inspection conveyor. The Box Builder is Internet-priced at $139,995.

CEO Henry Mann cited his company's growing base of OEM customers who are disaffected with outsourced PCB assembly, particularly by offshore contractors. "For many companies," he stated, "the hoped-for savings have turned out to be a mirage - especially when factoring in shipping delays, loss of product control and security lapses. By getting professional advice on the equipment, by single-sourcing its purchase to allow integration of all machines, and by providing installation, onsite training, and total after-the-sale support, Manncorp has emerged as an industry leader in turnkey lines."

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