Kalenborn Abresist and Employees Celebrate Anniversary

Kalenborn Abresist Corporation recently recognized several employees with 25 years or more of service to the company. The employees recognized, and the number of years with the company, were: Greg Leininger, 38 years; Mark Jones, 35 years; Russ Bauer, 34 years; Joe Accetta, 32 years; Jeff Howard, 30 years; Mike Donaldson, 26 years and Scott Dietrich, 25 years.

Kalenborn Abresist also celebrated its 38th year in business. Originally founded as Abresist Corporation in 1977, Kalenborn Abresist is a leader in the design and supply of wear solutions for a wide range of industries utilizing various mineral and metallic solutions. Located in Urbana, Indiana, the company’s wear and abrasion resistant linings and coatings reduce downtime and maintenance and are marketed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Kalenborn Abresist Corporation is a subsidiary of Kalenborn International, the 90 year old “mother company” based in Germany, and has resources and knowledge available from a 12-member organization with production facilities on four continents and customers on six. In addition, Kalenborn Abresist has two subsidiaries of its own, Kalenborn Technologies in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee and Kalenborn Canada in Montreal, Canada.

For more information contact Kalenborn Abresist Corporation, P.O. Box 38, 5541 North State Road 13, Urbana, IN 46990. Telephone: 800-348-0717, Fax: 888-348-0717. Website: www.abresist.com, E-mail: info@abresist.com.

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