Jeppesen Spring 2012 Release of C-MAP MAX and C-MAP 4D Cartography Delivers Important Enhancements and New Data for North American Boaters

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - Jeppesen has announced the Spring 2012 Release of its popular C-MAP MAX and C-MAP 4D cartography, bringing a variety of significant enhancements and exclusive new data to recreational boaters across North America. C-MAP's 4D cartography provides the newest and most innovative navigation experience available, combining the three traditional dimensions with a fourth dimension of time in the form of consistent, periodic updates.

Jeppesen updates its electronic charts three times per year, and makes these updates and upgrades available to boaters through a variety of channels. The Spring 2012 Release includes a new 3D model with a brighter sun-viewable color palette for C-MAP 4D delivering a unique, enhanced 3D charting experience, together with key additions to Jeppesen's chart library that provide boaters with unique and useful information for cruising, fishing and sailing.

Highlights of the Spring 2012 Release include:

- New AWOIS Wrecks Database for C-MAP 4D - Boaters who frequent the East
Coast, Great Lakes and Gulf of Mexico now have access to Jeppesen's new
Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System (AWOIS) database of
more than 3,600 wrecks. Part of the new Sportfishing Value Added Data
(VAD) for C-MAP 4D, this new wrecks database contains more information
than is available on standard paper charts, including survey depth,
wreck name, date the vessel was sunk and other related information. This
information is valuable to fishermen, divers and undersea explorers,
making your time searching for a new or favorite wreck easier and more

- High-Resolution Bathymetry for C-MAP 4D - The Spring 2012 Release
provides East Coast and Gulf of Mexico boaters with Jeppesen's most
detailed and accurate hi-resolution bathymetric charts ever. This
proprietary data was compiled from multiple hydrographic sources and
re-contoured to provide boaters with the optimum presentation on today's
high-definition chartplotters.

- High-Resolution Bathymetry for the Great Lakes - Jeppesen has added
proprietary high-resolution bathymetric charts to its C-MAP 4D coverage
for the Great Lakes (excluding Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Georgian
Bay). These charts include shaded depth areas and dense depth
contouring, making them ideal for sportfishing. In addition, three new
Spring 2012 C-MAP MAX chart titles have been introduced covering Lake
Michigan (NA-M050.00), Lake Erie (NA-M053.00) and Lake Ontario
(NA-M054.00), providing superior bottom contour detail for those who
boat and fish these waters.

- New C-Marina Port Plans for U.S. West Coast - The Spring 2012 Release
delivers 228 marinas updated with new C-Marina Port Plan charts. These
proprietary charts show marina docks and facilities with the highest
level of detail and are great for vacationing boaters and long-distance
cruisers. These additions span the U.S. West Coast, with 203 new marinas
in California and 25 in Washington State, bringing our North American
portfolio of C-Marina Port Plans to more than 1,000.

Boaters can update or upgrade their C-MAP charts through authorized C-MAP dealers, by sending their charts into Jeppesen, or by joining Club Jeppesen. The Club provides members with an annual update - along with a variety of benefits and discounts - for less than the cost of an update alone. In addition, Jeppesen's C-MAP 4D cartography is designed so boaters can customize chart data to best suit their needs, then add new features and/or data as their needs change.

To learn more about compatible navigation systems for C-MAP 4D and C-MAP MAX cartography - or the many ways to update to Jeppesen's latest Spring 2012 Release, visit

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