Guide to Quality Crimps Poster Describes Wire, Connectors and Tooling

A new poster that explains in English, Spanish and Chinese the function and interaction between a wire, connectors and tooling to assure quality crimps is being offered by ETCO Incorporated of Warwick, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

The ETCO Guide to Quality Crimps Poster explains the relationship between a wire, connector and tooling to assure the production of high quality "F" and "B" crimps. Fully illustrated and published in English, Spanish and Chinese, this poster shows steps in the crimping process that can create problems such as loose strands and the tooling issues that cause them.

Providing photo-illustrations of the anatomy of a crimp, featuring accept-able and unacceptable crimps, the ETCO Guide to Quality Crimps helps engineers troubleshoot the possible causes for faulty crimps. Guidelines are included regarding tooling wear and the impact of tooling wear issues on the resulting crimps. This downloadable poster measures 24" x 36".

The ETCO Guide to Quality Crimps can be downloaded from

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