Fence Post and Gate Bonding from ERICO®

The IEEE® and NEC® both discuss the need for proper fence grounding and step and touch-potential limitation. Grounding and bonding of fence posts and gates is especially important at substations and cellular antenna sites because the outside of the fence is typically accessible to the public. During a fault condition, the fence could have a very high "touch" potential. In addition, the fence is often at the edge of the ground grid where the surface potentials are at the highest. A solidly bonded counterpoise 30" outside the fence can mitigate the risk this high-touch potential poses.

ERICO® offers both mechanical and exothermic jumpers to properly bond fence posts and gates. ERITECH® flexible jumpers are attached via CADWELD® exothermic connections to the fence post or gate. They are available in a highly flexible #2, 2/0 and 4/0 AWG. The jumpers, made from welding cable, offer both conductor flexibility and strand protection. ERITECH flexible jumpers bond fence posts to gates, switch operating handles and many other stuctures where movement or vibration requires a flexible grounding jumper. The CADWELD connections for fence-post and gate grounding use the same mold as all other fence-post connections. A CADWELD exothermic connection lasts the lifetime of the conductor and will not loosen, corrode or increase in resistance.

When CADWELD connections cannot be made due to the presence of aluminum pipe or thin-walled steel posts, the ERITECH Ground Clamp solves fence-grounding issues. The U-bolt clamps are pre-fabricated with the jumpers applied via CADWELD welded connections directly to the lugs. The clamps, made of tinned electrolytic copper, are available for 1-in. to 4-in. nominal pipe sizes. Larger sizes are available via special order. Fence clamp assemblies can be ordered with 'pigtails' enabling the installer to make only the connection to the ground grid to achieve a solidly bonded fence and gate.

ERICO® is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of precision-engineered specialty metal products serving global niche product markets in a diverse range of electrical, commercial and industrial construction, utility and rail applications. The company is headquartered in Solon, Ohio, USA with a network of sales locations serving more than 25 countries and with manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide. ERICO's well-known brand names include: CADDY® fixings and fasteners; CADWELD® welded electrical connections; CRITEC® surge protection devices; ERICO® rail bonds; ERIFLEX® low-voltage components; ERITECH® lightning protection and grounding; and LENTON® mechanical rebar splices. Visit ERICO online at www.erico.com.

IEEE is a registered trademark of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. NEC is a trademark of, and the National Electric Code (NEC) standard is a copyright of the National Fire Protection Association.

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