Experience PLUS!

The home of the renowned "Industrial Erector Set®" announces a PLUS to doing business with 80/20. That PLUS is our undivided attention to guiding you every step of the way from project conception to project completion. The new 80/20 Plus Book of Ideas offers Created Solutions that will help you get a little closer to your completed project.

80/20 PLUS offers design assistance and professional advice for your project drawings,
in-house custom machine services for specialized parts, and the seasoned PLUS team will even build your project for you, complete and shipped to your door.

Turn to 80/20 PLUS with confidence... 80/20 PLUS is dedicated to make your project experience as positive and rewarding as possible. Our fast turn-around and innovative designers will help you make your project GREAT!!!

To obtain a FREE 80/20 PLUS Book of Ideas, contact:

80/20 PLUS
1701 South 400 East
Columbia City, IN 46725-8753
Phone: 219-248-8030 or 877-248-8020
Fax: 219-248-8029
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site: www.8020plus.com

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