Even Closer to the Customer with "Easy-to-Use"

KEBA will also be exhibiting at this year's SPS / IPC / Drives trade fair from 22 to 24 November in Nuremberg. The company will be presenting numerous new innovations together with many established and proven solutions on Stand 470 in Hall 7.

The Austrian automation specialists have made "Easy-to-use" their trade fair motto for 2011.

To KEBA this really does mean simple and fast in every respect. The key issues here are a high degree of user-friendliness, minimized training requirements plus speed in both operation and start-up.

The guiding principle of "Easy-to-use" will be underscored by the innovations shown at the fair. These include, for example, the first industrial multitouch operating panel, hand-guided robot teach-in and a sophisticated pick & place application with two robot arms.

Intuitive multitouch operating panel

KEBA's stationary, capacitive multitouch panel is indeed easy to use in operation. Fast and intuitive operation that users of smartphones and tablets are already accustomed to is now also available in the industrial environment for the first time. The screen reacts instantly to swipe movements and finger gestures. There are also special haptic bumps at specific points which allow precise finger guidance for critical operating actions without the operator having to look at the screen the whole time. As a result, the operator can concentrate fully on the machine that is being controlled and the process taking place there.

Hand-guided robot teach-in

Robot programming has certainly never been as straightforward and quick as with the hand-guided teach-in. In this process the user takes the robot "by the hand" (or by the arm, to be more precise) and shows it the individual processes and positions in a very convenient way. The intelligent KeMotion control system from KEBA registers the inputs and then implements them in the form of appropriate movements. The hand-guided teach-in makes child's play of robot programming.

Optimized multi-robot control with inter-robot movement planning

The fact that the KeMotion control system is not only intelligent but also fast and forward-thinking is demonstrated by a pick & place application. Two robot arms sort differently colored objects in a shared working space. Recognition takes place via an integrated vision system. Thanks to the forward-thinking movement planning, an inter-coordinated optimization of speeds and acceleration is now possible for the first time. Customers benefit from the increased productivity as a result while saving energy at the same time.

KEBA Industrial Automation

The technology expert for optimized industry solutions

KEBA AG is a globally successful high-tech company that focuses on the automation of industry, banking and service processes, plus energy automation. The high-quality hardware and software components and system solutions are developed and produced in line with the company's guiding principle of "Automation by innovation".

KEBA's industrial automation business area concentrates on the automated control of robots, injection molding machines, processes and automation solutions for mechanical engineering in general. Furthermore, the Austrian company is the market leader for mobile operating terminals in industrial applications.

A wide range of series products are available for every possible application. In addition to this, experts develop client-specific, individual automation solutions quickly which are then implemented professionally in accordance with the respective requirements.

The extensive product portfolio with its perfectly interacting hardware and software modules enables KEBA to offer customized and comprehensive solutions from a single source.

This is why so many well-known and internationally successful mechanical engineering groups, robot manufacturers and service providers place their trust in KEBA products.

For more information please contact:

Werner Hentscholek

Marketing Communications, Industrial Automation


Gewerbepark Urfahr, A-4041 Linz, Austria

Tel.: +43 732 7090-22610



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