Ethernity Networks to Launch its 20Gbps NPU and Traffic Manager Solution at NXTcomm07

Join Ethernity Networks at our Booth #6961 on June 19th to June 21st for the Launch of ENET4000

LOD, Israel, June 18/ / - ENET4000 a 20Gbps NPU and Traffic Manager Solution on FPGA
Enabling a Programmable Network(TM) While Maximizing Integration of External Interfaces

Ethernity Networks Ltd, a leading supplier of Access Flow
Processors, will first launch its new ENET4000, a 20Gbps NPU and Traffic
manager solution on FPGA integrating multiple SGMII, RGMII and two XAUI
interfaces. The ENET4000 offers system vendors a significant cost reduction
by integrating all the key components of their high end cards into a single
FPGA, enabling cost reduction advanced flexibility, programmability and
field upgradeability. The ENET4000 main highlights include:

o Integrated Search Engine supporting up to 1M entries through
the use of External Low cost DRAM technology

o Integrated Hierarchical programmable traffic manager.

o Flexible interfaces including, multiple SGMII, RGMII, XAUI,
SPI-3, SPI-4.

o Utilizes external memory chips based on low cost and power DRAM

o Metro Ethernet and TR-101 compliance.

o Integrated SAR and fragment frame handling.

o MPLS and PBT support

o Configurable Framing.

o Maintain flexibility, programmability and field upgradeability

o Ultra low cost and low power

Ethernity ENET product line is the only device available in
the market today that provides the above functionality in a low cost FPGA
equipped with low cost DDR2 external memory, and competes with off the shelve
Network processors and packet processors on price, functionality and
flexibility. The ENET 4000 provides the best price performance available
today in the industry and enables Telecom Equipment Manufactures to gain
maximum flexibility at a low cost while still using FPGA for large volume.

This enables Telecom Equipment Manufacture to use a single
interworking solution supporting any media, protocols and throughput. By
offering the ENET Access Flow Processor solution on FPGA, we offer the access
equipment designer a number of advantages associated with FPGA design
including: customization of interfaces, field upgradeability, programmable
traffic manager, ability to incorporate other board logic and a path for an
additional cost reduction.

During the show we will perform a live demo of our current
general available ENET3000 product line, demonstrating 5 Gbps deterministic
throughput with high level of integration supporting ACL/Filtering,
hierarchical classification, 128K search entries, L2 encapsulation, and per
flow Hierarchical QoS.

Pricing and availability:

The ENET4000 design kit includes full software solution,
schematics, data sheet and ATCA evaluation board ( equipped with 12 SGMII ports for
direct connectivity to GbE Fiber, 12 RGMII for copper connection and two
10GbE XAUI connectors, where full functional evaluation board is scheduled
for Q3/07. Pricing is available upon request

About Ethernity:

Ethernity Networks is a fables semiconductor company that
develops and provides a dedicated ultra low-cost processor and traffic
management on FPGA for telecom and carrier grade access platforms enabling
the Programmable Network(TM). Ethernity Networks plays in the Broadband
access and mobile transport area, which are the growth engines in
telecommunications for the next ten years and Metro Ethernet, PON, SONET/SDH
and IP DSLAM will play an important part in that growth. Etherntiy Networks
is Headquartered in Lod, Israel. More information is available at

Source: Ethernity Networks Ltd

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