ERICO® Offers a Range of Grounding Products for the Rail Industry

SOLON, Ohio, USA, - ERICO® is a trusted leader in the development of high-quality grounding and bonding products for use on railroads, commuter railways and metropolitan transit systems. We offer a full range of innovative products for the rail industry.

The CADWELD® process is a method of making welded electrical connections of aluminum to aluminum, copper to copper, and copper to steel in which no external sources of heat are required. All CADWELD connections can withstand repeated fault currents without failing, will not loosen or corrode and will last the lifetime of the conductor.

Part of the ERITECH® line of facility electrical protection products, the RC70/RC100 heavy-duty direct-burial ground clamps are UL® Listed and feature high-strength bronze alloy construction. The RC70 handles conductors up to 2/0 (70 mm2) and the RC100 handles conductors up to 4/0 (100 mm2).

Ground Enhancement Material (GEM) improves grounding effectiveness regardless of soil conditions and provides excellent permanent conductivity. GEM contains cement and as it cures, it will maintain a constant resistance for the life of the grounding system. It is also permanent and does not dissolve, decompose or leach out with time.

ERICO's unique manufacturing process for producing copper-bonded ground rods provides consistent copper thickness, a nickel substrate, superior adhesion and greater corrosion life compared to traditional copper-platting technologies. And, our copper-bonded ground rods allow for a service life of more than 30 years in most soils.

ERICO offers a range of versatile ground rod clamps designed for many assembly combinations. The SP58 is made from a non-rigid stainless steel metal strip, which will not crack when excessive torque is applied during installation. The innovative design and material allow the SP58 to conform around the ground rod and conductor as the bolt is tightened, increasing the conduction area of the connection.

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ERICO® is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of precision-engineered specialty metal products serving niche markets in a diverse range of electrical, construction, utility and rail applications. The company is headquartered in Solon, Ohio, USA with a network of sales locations serving more than 25 countries and with manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide. ERICO's well-known brand names include: CADDY® electrical and mechanical fixings, fasteners and supports; CADWELD® welded electrical connections; CRITEC® surge protection devices; ERICO® rail and industrial products; ERIFLEX® low voltage power distribution; ERITECH® facility electrical protection; and LENTON® concrete products. Visit ERICO online at

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