Empower RF Systems Patent Approval - "Combiner for an RF Power Amplifier"

United States Patent 9,093,731 B2, recently awarded to Empower RF Systems, validates the uniqueness of the hardware architecture in use on Empower's high power, next generation amplifiers.  The embodiments of this patent protection are related to the design, associated materials, and integration of the high power combiner that is integral to delivering multi-kW broadband power (CW) and narrow band pulse in an air cooled, 5U chassis (and other combinations of power and chassis sizes utilizing this architecture).  "We are pleased to receive this additional recognition and patent protection for our next generation amplifiers," said Jon Jacocks, CEO.  "This is a second award this year that is specific to our next generation amplifier products and highlights the hard work and creativity of our design teams."

The patent was submitted and authored for Empower RF Systems by Paulo Correa and Gerhard Peter.  In the approved abstract released by the U.S. Patent Trademark Office, the patent describes an RF combiner (and other design elements) which is integral and unique to the high power amplifier, hardware architecture.


A video introduction / overview of the next generation power amplifier platforms that are made possible with these technology breakthroughs is highlighted via the link below.  This is from a recent industry event, International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2015) in Phoenix, AZ.


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Empower RF Systems is a leader in power amplifier solutions for defense, commercial, and industrial applications.  Our products incorporate the latest semiconductor and power combining technologies and originate from an extensive library of "building block" designs.  Solutions range from basic PA modules to multifunction PA assemblies and high power amplifier solutions in industry leading, compact configurations with embedded diagnostics and control.

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