Emissions Technology, Inc. Develops New UltraBurn(TM) Combustion Catalyst System for Large Diesel Engines

HOUSTON -- Emissions Technology, Inc. (ETI), the maker of the patented UltraBurn(TM) Combustion Catalyst System today announced their new "Direct Injection" Series catalyst delivery system to serve diesel engines up to 30,000 horsepower. The UltraBurn product line reduces engine fuel consumption and lowers emissions.

"The new DI system further expands the usefulness of the UltraBurn catalyst into performance enhancement when used with biodiesel or heavy fuel oil," said Mark Spoon, CEO of Emissions Technology. Spoon went on to point out that the exciting new addition to ETI's product line has been under development for nearly a year by ETI scientists and engineers. "It employs a novel injection technology coupled with new catalyst formulations and was extensively tested at CEE labs in California earlier this year," Spoon added. Patents are pending on the new delivery system.

Emissions Technology, Inc. is a Houston-based technology company committed to providing fuel savings and cost-effective emissions reduction solutions for off-road diesel fleet owners in over 2,500 engines using the UltraBurn product line. It is the mission of Emissions Technology to improve the bottom line of our customers while improving the ecology of our planet. The UltraBurn product line including delivery systems and catalyst is specifically designed for all off-road diesel engines in a variety of industries including the oil and gas, ocean-going marine and locomotives.

For more information regarding Emissions Technology, please visit our Web site at www.emissionstech.com or call us at (713) 691-1211.

Emissions Technology is a client-company of the Houston Technology Center. You will find us at houstontech.org under "client list".

CONTACT: Mark J. Spoon, President/CEO of Emissions Technology, Inc., +1-713-691-1211

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