Elobau Introduces SIL Certified Safety Relays

Date: May 7, 2009

Elobau offers a complete range of 25 Control Units (also called "Safety Relays") which are certified according to the new Machine Directive EN ISO 13849-1, coming into effect in Europe as of December 30, 2009.

Together with a complete range of Machine Safety Switches and Coded Magnets, available in various sizes, materials and configurations, elobau offers a very comprehensive range of contact-less Machine Safeguarding Solutions.

The current EU standard, EN 954-1 will no longer be applicable and will be replaced by EN ISO 13849-1, which defines a Performance Level (PL) for all safety-related parts of a control system. IEC 61508, along with the sub-category standard EN 62061, determines a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for the devices.

Manufacturers and operators of machinery are requested to have their machines fully compliant as of December 30, 2009 for the European market. OSHA standards and European standards will later converge towards the IEC61508 international standard.

Elobau is a vertically integrated manufacturer that performs all circuit and cable assembly, plastic molding, assembly and full performance testing at its factories. Thus, modifications to suit virtually all industrial and commercial requirements are achieved quickly and in a cost-effective manner, through the design and engineering talent resident at Elobau.

Interested parties should contact Elobau for full details on these and other controls, sensors and machine safety products.

Machine Safety Product Range from Elobau Sensor Technology Inc.
URL: http://www.elobau-st.com/machinesafety.html


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