Electro Standards Laboratories Added to Navy Seaport-e Prime Contractor Vendor List

Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, has just received notification that the company has received a Prime Contract Award as a result of the Seaport-e Rolling Admissions Solicitation No. N00178-13-R-4000. The contract award documentation is expected to be in-hand by 31 January 2014.

Documentation of Electro Standards Laboratories' past performance was a required segment of the solicitation. Data was submitted on three programs: Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems (EMALS), Ocean Energy Extraction for Sensor Applications, and Wave Energy Harvesting.

For the EMALS program, Electro Standards Laboratories is designing, fabricating and delivering controller subsystems. The company designs detailed Simulink model components for the EMALS system model, conducts controls architecture design and analysis for the extraction of the ship's power to energize the EMALS launch system, and provides the controls necessary to regulate the power bus during an EMALS launch.

The work on the Ocean Energy Extraction for Sensor Applications program involved collaborating with the University of Rhode Island. The team constructed and tested direct-drive energy conversion devices for the application of powering remote sensor buoys used by the Navy for various applications.

The company's work on the Wave Energy Harvesting program involved the design of a system to be integrated with an expanded energy harvesting system to form a power source suitable for a wider operating range and for compatibility with the star spar buoy structure. The project objectives are focused and aimed at achieving the milestones needed for broad application and demonstration of commercialization readiness.

Additional requirements of the Seaport-e Rolling Admissions Solicitation included evidence of the company's ability to handle large contracts. Electro Standards Laboratories submitted documentation on its audited accounting system, its experienced engineering staff, its management approach and its technical depth and breadth. This award is expected to open opportunities for the company to provide the Navy with advanced motor control and power systems.

Dr. Raymond Sepe, Jr., is the Vice President of the company's Research and Development division and is a principal in the company. For more information on the engineering capabilities of Electro Standards Laboratories, call 401-943-1164 or email eslab@electrostandards.com.

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