Edlon's Expertise in Coatings Wins More Nuclear Work

Edlon, a unit of Robbins & Myers, has won a new order to provide its PFA fluoropolymer coatings for glove boxes at one of Europe's principal decommissioning facilities for nuclear warheads.

Edlon's 1mm PFA spray on to carbon steel glove boxes provides a mechanically robust coating that is resistant to both acid liquor and vapour requirements, including hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, nitric and sulphuric acids.

This latest repeat order, to internally and externally coat four new glove boxes, also sees Edlon providing long-lasting PFA coatings for the pipework that transfers vapours to a scrubber for cleaning prior to extraction.

Containing no fillers that can be chemically attacked, the proprietary 100% PFA coating applied by Edlon also creates a non-stick surface that allows a far simplified and much safer cleaning operation if spills occur.

Edlon's expertise in applying PFA to new or existing equipment also includes complex shapes and closed vessels - ensuring superior corrosion resistance, increased resistance to permeation and improved abrasion and scratch resistance.

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