DTi Reveals How Lockheed Martin Could Save $6.5M on the F-35A

DTi Recommends Switching to FAA Approved Spring-Fast(R) Grommet Edging

Southborough, MA November 25, 2019 – Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi), a leading manufacturer of wire protection solutions, revealed how Lockheed Martin could save a potential $6.5M by replacing all glued in nylon grommets (MS21266) on their F-35As with Spring-Fast Grommet Edging (M22529/2).

The Pentagon’s Joint Program Office and Lockheed Martin just wrapped up a $34 billion agreement for the production and delivery of 478 F-35As at the lowest price in the program’s history. The F-35A unit cost of $77.9M represents an estimated overall 12.8% reduction vs the previous $79.2M price.

These savings were driven by the GAO which was tasked in 2015 with optimizing the F-35 program. A key area was affordability and lowering the flyaway price. In addition, the F-35 program office has “Blueprint for Affordability” initiatives which could save ~$8 billion in F-35 costs - if fully realized by Lockheed Martin.

DTi’s recommendation is simple: replace all the glued in nylon grommets (MS21266) with Spring-Fast Grommet edging (M22529/2), 

The estimated $6.5M in program cost savings can help Lockheed offset any drop in revenue from the lower price. 

Spring-Fast is simple to install, yields best in class performance and is fully qualified as an FAA approved replacement part and already has NAVAIR approval.

Nick Petri, Managing Director of DTi indicated, “Spring-Fast grommet edging provides best in class performance for half the cost. Any OEM in the aerospace vertical who uses the old nylon grommet edging with glue can take advantage of significant cost savings – and can easily estimate it using our Airframe Savings Model.

The Airframe Savings Model used to calculate overall install cost savings for Lockheed has several components:

  • Estimates of the time taken for each step in the install operation for each grommet
  • The time estimate was used to calculate the install cost per grommet (below) using a $200 WRAP rate. 
  • Installation Cost per MS21266 grommet - $83.68
  • Installation Cost per M22529/2 grommet - $29.00
  • This cost was then applied to the number of planes (478) and penetrations (250) to generate a program savings value of $6.5M

A full copy of the spreadsheet which allows you to change the # of planes, # of penetrations and the WRAP rate can be obtained at the link above.

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