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Developed for Chip-on-Board Encapsulation Applications, Master Bond Supreme 3HTND-2DM is a Rapid Curing, Toughened, One Part Epoxy System that Can Be Used for Dam-and-Fill

Press release date: Apr 01, 2017

This video demonstrates the process of dispensing the epoxy paste and creating a barrier, or “dam”, which can then be filled by a flowable encapsulant. This thermally conductive compound also meets NASA low outgassing specifications and can withstand 1,000 hours at 85°C/85% RH.

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Updated Electronic Industry Catalog

This 36-page catalog has been recently updated to include the latest developments to Master Bond’s extensive line of epoxies, silicones, polyurethanes, silicate based systems, light curing compounds and film adhesives. These products provide solutions to PCB assembly, die-attach, conformal coating, surface mount, lid sealing, flip-chip and wire bonding applications.

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