Designers and Manufacturers of Nuclear Radiation Detectors

LND, Incorporated, since 1964, has developed a product line that encompasses all the commercial, scientific, and military applications for nuclear radiation detectors, and we have sold over two million detectors worldwide. At LND we design, engineer, and manufacture gas-filled nuclear radiation detectors. Now featuring the Quadrilateral He3 detector (LND 262) featuring operating ranges from 650-900 to 1600-2000 voltage range.

The Quadrilateral He3 detector has general specifications of: 3040 gas pressure (torr); Aluminum cathode material; 1100-1400 operating voltage range (volts); 24.3 thermal neutron sensitivity (cps/nv). Instrument meters & other He3 detectors include: cylindrical, spherical, and positive sensitive styles for radiation radioactivity.

Our product line includes Geiger-Mueller Tubes, Energy Compensated Geiger-Mueller Tubes, End and Side-Window X-Ray Proportional Counters, Position Sensitive Detectors, BF3 and 3He Neutron Proportional Detectors, Ionization Chambers, Fission Counters, Neutron Beam Monitors, Flow Counters, and Polymer Window Proportional Counters. Now certified by TUV SUD to ISO 9001:2000. Product development is at the core of our expertise. Applications for our products include: Health Physics, Analytical Instrumentation, Environmental and Air Quality Monitoring, Personnel Monitoring, Power Plant Applications, Industrial Gauging, Medical Instrumentation, High Energy Physics Research, X-Ray Spectroscopy, Non-Destructive Testing, Homeland Security, and Space Exploration. This is only a sample of our complete product industry applications.

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