Customizable System Configurations to Facilitate Test and Measurement Applications

Victor, NY, USA: As L-Tron Corporation expands its repertoire of end to end solutions, industrial consumers can now acquire high-quality, customizable system configurations from two of the most distinguished names in industrial computing. L-Tron, partnered with Advantech Corporation and Bud Industries, provides industrial computers and enclosures that are thoroughly compatible and tailored to customer requirements. The combination of well-matched computers and enclosures are advantageous for computing applications, as well as test and measurement applications.

Advantech's industrial computer chassis are world-renowned, offering high-performance computing platforms with modern industrial designs. Available in rackmount and wallmount versions, L-Tron provides standard industrial PC models, as well as custom configured designs. Many popular Advantech models, such as the ACP-4000 and the ICP-610, are designed for mission-critical, non-stop applications. L-Tron utilizes the technical expertise of their sales and professional services employees to offer customers several configurations for potential use, while helping them narrow down their specifications to select the exact product needed to fulfill their requirements.

L-Tron's extensive Bud product line includes products our customers require made from both plastic and metal, ranging from small metal enclosures to large cabinet racks. Multiple standard electronic products are available, in addition to those that meet NEMA and seismic requirements. L-Tron addresses individual customer specifications, obtaining customized enclosures and cabinets. Furthermore, complete design support, state-of-the-art production at low cost and mounting accessories to help speed up installation time are included with Bud's industrial enclosures.

L-Tron is recognized in the law enforcement and government sectors, among many other businesses, for their "one stop shop" business solutions. Now, with L-Tron's industrial computers and enclosures, yet another branch of businesses can benefit from total solution packages at a cost-effective price, namely the manufacturing industry.

About L-Tron Corporation:

Founded in 1975, L-Tron is a value-added solution provider, collaborating with clients and key business partners to fully understand the challenges impacting their organizations. We help our clients become peak functioning businesses and government agencies, increasing their efficiency and enhancing support to their end users and constituents. To provide a total solution, we bring together services, combining our distinctive hardware and software capabilities in data collection and workflow processes with the most advanced technology in barcode, scanning, data collection, RFID and mobility.

L-Tron combines experience and comprehensive capabilities across key industries and businesses to support commercial organizations, manufacturing, healthcare, OEMs, law enforcement and government agencies globally.

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