Custom Endboards Solve Shipping Issues

(Greenville, Wis.) - Precision-cut, custom Endboards from Badger Plug are combined with rugged Sleeve Plugs to secure, suspend and protect rolls during shipping and storage - even heavy rolls..

Endboards can be configured to suspend one or multiple rolls. Special holes and notches can be added to accept strapping and interlocking wood supports. Corners can be rounded or square. Sleeve Plug holes and slots are cut to customer specifications. Constructed of industrial grade particle board, plywood and MDF up to 4 inches thick.

Badger Plug recycles wooden endboards, wood pallets, clips/channels and sleeve plugs for refurbishing and resale as used packaging components.

Badger Plug:

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Since 1931, Badger Plug Company has manufactured a comprehensive line of core plugs and related products for the protection, suspension and handling of roll products. Badger's plug and roll products are used extensively in packaging and paper, film and foil converting and wherever roll products are used by industry and business.

For more information, contact:

Thomas J. Duffy

Sales Manager

(920) 757-7300

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