Counters and Tachometers : Crouzet Doubles the Size of Its Counter and Tachometer Range

Crouzet, which specialises in electromechanical, electronic and software engineering technology, is launching a thoroughly revised range of 120 counters and tachometers. This range has been devised not only to meet the needs of industrial sectors but also to satisfy the requirements of the building sector. The offer draws on numerous
innovations. Objective: To facilitate the processes of selecting, installing, using and maintaining counting functions.

Drawing on the expertise it has accumulated over a period of more than 20 years in
the field of counters and tachometers, Crouzet has now revised its entire offer for the
very first time. As of December 2010, the new range is to include 120 different products (compared with the 60 that were available previously). These are the key aspects that have been revised:

o Major advances in terms of design and ergonomics ;
o More functions based on combinations of inputs ;
o Easier to take readings thanks to the two-colour or backlit double LCD display ;
o 54 new part numbers for dual-function products ;
o Counting frequency of up to 50 kHz ;
o Option to select output functions (impulse, fl ip-fl op, etc.) ;
o Easier installation thanks to removable connectors ;
o Extended power supply range for electronic products: Extended from 10 to 260 V for

AC and DC versions ;
o Complete power supply ranges for electromechanical products ;
o Wide variety of dimensions: From 15x32 to 48x48 ;
o A dedicated range for DIN rail mounting ;

Crouzet is expanding its range of counters and tachometers in order to meet the
requirements of all industrial applications, whether straightforward or complex. Moreover, this offer aims to fulfil the needs of the building sector, particularly by providing energy metering functions. MICROCONTROL90 % of applications covered.

Thanks to this new range of 120 products, the wide range of counting functions, the introduction of compact counters and tachometers (15 x 32 mm, 24 x 48 mm plus 35 mm modular casing for DIN rail mounting), Crouzet now caters for 90% of the standard dimensions on the market.

To meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, Crouzet offers counters and tachometers with IP65 or IP52 ingress protection for the front panel.
Counters and tachometers are found on all items of technical equipment and machinery where there is a need to count the number of parts, record the operating time, log the number of operations or even to display or control a speed, etc. By applying a multiplication coefficient it is also possible to measure lengths or distances. Hour counters allow you to record the total operating time for a machine, a motor or a pump. Alternatively, they can be used to calculate a flow rate or the level of energy consumption, etc.

Impulse outputs for energy and time monitoring applications

To cater for energy monitoring applications, the counters in the new range feature an impulse-type output. This connection makes it possible to send information to a logic controller such as the Millenium 3 from Crouzet or any other kind of PLC as well as to a remote management controller. So, what's the advantage? The ability to implement automated sequences or, for example, to manage the conditional maintenance process for an item of equipment.

o LCD two-colour screens with 2 display lines (one red and one green) - This
enhancement of the reading interface ensures improved legibility, even in broad daylight. Available with 48 x 48 mm multifunction counters.

o Backlit orange LCD screens - The backlighting greatly improves text legibility. 2 lines displayed on an orange background in the case of the electronic multifunction counter with timer preselection and the CTR24 hour and impulse counter.

o Hour counter and energy meter - This electromechanical counter, which can
be mounted on an enclosure door or a DIN rail, allows you to record total energy
consumption in kWh. It is combined with an hour counter.

o Dual function hour and impulse counter displays - There are two different types
of dual function electromechanical counter available. The first can be used to display an hour counter and an impulse totaliser and the second to display an hour counter and
an energy meter (kWh). This speeds up installation and saves space.

o Programmables products - The CTR24L programmable counter allows the user
(in the case of the most advanced of the 5 different models) to select 2 display options from those available in terms of totaliser, tachometer and hour counter functions. This device, which of all the products in the new range is the most universal, offers benefits as regards maintenance services: Without having to stock any more than a single part number, you can be sure that you have what you need to carry out standard replacement of any dual display counter/tachometer.

o High-frequency counting - The totaliser function is capable of processing input
signals with a frequency of up to 50 kHz.

o Wide power supply range for electromechanical counting - The different counter
versions allow for numerous AC (50 or 60 Hz) and DC supply voltages.

o Removable product - To facilitate installation, avoid connection errors and speed
up maintenance work, the CTR48 and CTR48E (48 x 48 mm) multifunction electronic
counters both feature a removable connector.

The counters and tachometers bear the CE marking and are cUL certified. To complement its standard offer, Crouzet is also able toassist customers with the fine-tuning of customised or added-value products in accordance with precise specifi cations. If necessary, a certification procedure can be implemented or specific approval can be obtained.

Counters and tachometers: What can they be used for?

o As an up counter or down counter for recording the number of parts, events and the operating time. Available with the following functions: Up/down counter, batch counter, tachometer, chronometer, multi-totaliser, hour counter, impulse counter;
o For easy display of data and quantities, with information displayed directly on the front panel of the product;
o For triggering an operation or work on a machine thanks to outputs that are capable of direct actuation and/or that send information to the PLC;

o For planning preventive maintenance, along with recording of the machine operating time and timed operations.

With a presence in the industrial, aerospace and transport markets, Crouzet Automatismes, a business unit of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), off ers a wide range of products:o Switches o Aerospace o Motors o Microcontrol o Pneumatics o Solid State Relays

A real expert in automation and control, Crouzet makes its expertise available to all customers and can customise products to match their specifi cations.

Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST)
Based in Moorpark, California, Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) incorporates the Crouzet, Kavlico and Crydom brands as well as the former divisions of BEI Technologies, Newall and Systron Donner. CST off ers a complete range of detection, control and motorisation products and solutions for the transport, industrial, aerospace and defense markets.

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