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Compact Insulation Tester for Telecomms and CATV

Press release date: Dec 07, 2012

Small enough to be used with one hand yet rugged enough to withstand the rigors of regular use in the field, the Megger MIT410-TC2 insulation tester meets the needs of users in the telecommunications and CATV industries. Unique telecommunications-related features include a soft canvas carrying bag with shoulder strap and rugged snap hook to attach to a tool belt, and a "bed of nails" test lead set.

The instrument allows the user to determine the condition of the insulation of the twisted copper cable pair, which could cause problems for services such as voice, video, and data or VOIP. When the insulation becomes weak or brittle, causing cracks or exposing copper within the cable, or water ingresses into the cable, the insulation resistance test will identify these situations immediately. In addition to the insulation resistance test, the MIT410-TC2 allows the operator to conduct continuity tests throughout the customer's premise.

As an aid to ease and speed of use, the instrument features a dual display. The primary display shows the main parameter being measured - for example, insulation resistance - in both digital and analog forms, while the secondary display shows a related parameter - for example, leakage current - as a digital value. Users therefore save valuable time by measuring two parameters with a single test.

The MIT410-TC2 offers CAT IV 600 V rating, providing greater safety when testing at higher voltage levels. In addition, the unit features adjustable insulation test voltages, which provide 50 V to 500 V.

An exceptional measurement range from 20 G-ohms to 200 G-ohms found in the MIT410-TC is the highest insulation test range available on the market, providing a superior range of measurement applications.

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