Committee C07 on Lime marks 100 years of standards development.

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In addition to standards development meetings, Committee C07 on Lime will hold dinner on June 27 to mark anniversary, with speakers who will provide perspectives on C07 and its history. Symposium on "Lime: Building on the 100-Year Legacy of ASTM Committee C07," will be held on June 28, and will feature papers highlighting variety of lime uses. Coinciding with anniversary will also be release of ASTM compilation, "ASTM Standards for Limestone and Lime Products and Their Applications, 2nd Edition."

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ASTM International Committee C07 on Lime Marks 100 Years of Standards Development

W. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., -ASTM Committee C07 on Lime celebrates 100 years of standards development this year, and its June 27-28 meetings in San Diego, Calif., will feature special events to commemorate this milestone in addition to its regular technical meetings.

The committee includes more than 70 professionals who represent lime producers, testing labs, building contractors, utility companies, equipment vendors and consulting groups in its work to develop standards needed by the lime industry and its diverse uses. Members work on one or more of three technical subcommittees: C07.02 on Specifications and Guidelines; C07.05 on Chemical Tests; and C07.06 on Physical Tests.

Anniversary Celebration/Symposium

In addition to its scheduled standards development meetings, Committee C07 will hold a special dinner on Wednesday, June 27, to mark the anniversary, with speakers who will provide perspectives on C07 and its history. Also, a symposium on "Lime: Building on the 100-Year Legacy of ASTM Committee C07," will be held on Thursday, June 28, and will feature papers highlighting the variety of uses of lime. The topics of these papers will range from historical standards development to current industry activities to potential areas for future work.

Compilation of Standards for Lime

Coinciding with the anniversary celebration will be the release of a new ASTM compilation, "ASTM Standards for Limestone and Lime Products and Their Applications, 2nd Edition," that includes standards from the C07 committee as well as other key standards referenced by the industry. To date, the committee has developed 25 standards for limestone, quicklime, hydrated lime, hydraulic lime and associated calcareous materials used in industrial, environmental, construction and agricultural applications.

C07 Standards

Committee C07 standards are referenced by the International Code Council and the National Institute of Building Sciences, and they have been adopted, referenced or used in national standards by several of ASTM International's memorandum of understanding partners worldwide.

Lime standards include ASTM C5, Specification for Quicklime for Structural Purposes, which describes characteristics of quicklime suitable for use in making a lime putty product suitable for use in construction applications as masonry, and plaster systems. Tate notes that C5, first published in 1913, provided guidelines that improved the quality and consistency of the use of quicklime in construction by creating a consensus standard. This standard served as a basis for the development of hydrated lime product standards that are commonly used for these applications today.

While early standards from Committee C07 addressed construction-related applications, the work of the committee has expanded to address needs in environmental, agricultural or other industrial markets. For example, application standards have been developed for the use of lime or limestone in acid neutralization, soil stabilization, asphalt, agricultural lime, flue gas treatment, coal mining dusting and other applications. Subcommittee C07.05 has developed a wide range of analytical techniques to identify the chemistry of limestone and lime products and their reactivity potential. Standardization of methods to measure the physical characteristics of limestone and lime products is also important. Subcommittee C07.06 is responsible for a wide range of methods, which include particle size measurement, plasticity, density and settling rate.

"The committee has developed test methods and, in some cases, specific application standards that facilitate the use of lime products and make them competitive against other products that could be used as substitutes," says Mike Tate, chairman of C07 and technical manager of research and development for Graymont Inc., Genoa, Ohio.

Looking Ahead

Though much has been done in the past, C07 work continues in new areas today. With work on a proposed standard, WK20129, Test Method for Evaluating Limestone for Use in Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Applications by Reactivity, C07 continues to address the role of lime in removing impurities from stack emissions. The proposed standard is intended to allow users to compare limestone from different sources that will be used in wet flue gas scrubbing systems.

Beyond its June 27-28 meetings in San Diego, Calif., Committee C07 will meet again on Dec. 5-6, 2012, in Atlanta, Ga., and June 12-13, 2013, in Indianapolis, Ind.

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ASTM Committee C07 Next Meeting: June 27-28, June committee week, San Diego, Calif.

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