CHEMEON eTCP® Powder Qualifies for MIL-DTL-81706B / MIL-DTL 5541F

The DoD Qualified Products List (QPL/QPD) now includes eTCP Powder for Corrosion Protection and Superior Adhesion 

Minden, NV, April 12, 2023 - CHEMEON® Surface Technology eTCP Powder, a safe, robust, economical, and easy-to-ship corrosion protection has been approved for MIL-DTL-5541F per MIL-DTL-81706B for use as a conversion coating on all aluminum alloys and other light metals. CHEMEON's eTCP suite of chemistries is REACH, RoHS, WEEE, and SVHC compliant.

“eTCP is the only MIL-DTL qualified replacement of the carcinogenic hexavalent chrome (CrVI, Cr6+) that includes visual verification that your parts are coated and protected,” said Dr. Madylon Meiling, CHEMEON CEO. Prior to the development of CHEMEON eTCP, there was a substantial quality control problem and waste of resources in re-running batches if applicators were unable to tell if a coating had been applied or a part was fully coated. In the past, the industry relied on training and spot tests to address this concern, and the lack of color has been a large barrier to the implementation of trivalent chrome as a replacement for the legacy chemical, hexavalent chrome. Dr. Meiling continued, “ Our development of eTCP Powder and the recent MIL-DTL qualification is another clear example of our company's mission to innovative technology that achieves the asset sustainability goals of global aerospace, military, OEMs, prime contractors, and commercial metal finishers, while providing both safety, and savings for our valued customers.”

CHEMEON’s patented eTCP Powder can be found in the Qualified Products List/Database (QPL/QPD) Form II, Method C, and joins the company’s suite of MIL-DTL chemistries that include TCP-HF (Trivalent Chrome Process - Hexavalent Free), and eTCP RTU (Ready To Use) created for brush, spray, immersion use, Touch-Up Pens for OEM, MRO, Prime Contractor and field kit use, TCP-HF EPA (Extra Protection Additive). TCP-HF Spray (concentrate), and TCP-NP (No Prep). All are REACH, RoHS, WEEE, and SVHC compliant.

Dr. Sjon Westre, CHEMEON Senior VP of Technology, who was responsible for the initial commercialization of CHEMEON TCP-HF said, "The DoD and industry need a MIL-DTL approved trivalent chromium conversion coating that delivers robust performance on 2024 aluminum and provides a visual color indicator on coated parts. Historically this was only provided by hexavalent chrome conversion coatings. Finding a solution to this industry need led our R&D focus to develop and patent eTCP. CHEMEON’s eTCP Powder is unique from all other MIL-DTL alternatives to hexavalent chrome with its proven performance on 2024 aluminum, no pH adjustment necessary, and a visual color indicator that parts are coated and protected.”

The Power of Protection You Can See® is available globally. CHEMEON eTCP Powder (concentrate), Touch Up Pen, and eTCP RTU (Ready to Use) liquid, which provides a violet/blue hue to bare metal. This quality control (QC/QA) feature was previously unavailable in any MIL-DTL trivalent chrome chemistry and differentiates CHEMEON eTCP from the yellow/gold hue associated with hexavalent chrome, a.k.a. sodium dichromate, trichrome, or dilute chrome, and is mandated for removal and replacement by the US Government and the EU.

For corrosion protection that meets or exceeds MIL-SPEC requirements and provides visual verification that parts are coated and protected, contact Shay Davis [email protected] to schedule complimentary parts testing with CHEMEON eTCP Powder. Visit


CHEMEON Surface Technology is a HUBZone certified, global leader in advanced, environmentally responsible, surface engineering solutions, including patented MIL-SPEC chemistry CHEMEON eTCP® Powder, Touch-Up Pen, RTU conversion coating that provides a distinct color for visual verification that your parts are coated and protected. CHEMEON is licensed by the US Navy to manufacture and provide the MIL-DTL Trivalent Chromium Process for conversion coatings and anodic seal, which includes CHEMEON TCP-HF (Hex Free), CHEMEON TCP-HF SP (Spray), and TCP-HF Touch-Up Pen. CHEMEON's licensed, patented and proprietary chemistries consist of CHEMEON TCP-HF EPA (Extended Protection Additive), CHEMEON Cleaner 4100, CHEMEON TCP-NP (No Prep), Magnesium Cleaner and Activator, Anodizing Additives AA-200 and AA-230. CHEMEON also provides a full line of anodizing pre and post-treatments, additives, and dyes including the CHEMEON Deep Black MLW, custom R&D, consulting, and university-level metal surface finishing training.

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