CFI’s New Flexible Coating Bridges Cracks in Concrete, Helps Seal Floors from Leaking

Souderton, Pa. -- Coatings for Industry, Inc. (CFI) has introduced its new WearCOAT 474 Flexible Epoxy Coating, a two-part system designed to bridge small cracks in concrete slabs. It also functions as a waterproofing membrane to seal floors and help prevent leaks below the substrate.

Combining flexibility and durability, WearCOAT 474 is capable of 85 percent elongation, about 30 times greater than typical epoxy coatings. The dent in the test panel demonstrates the coating’s flexibility without cracking. The product creates a membrane that can span small cracks and imperfections in the concrete slab while also working as a sealer. The coating’s protective qualities can be enhanced by adding fiberglass reinforcement.

WearCOAT 474 is formulated to flex under the pressure of loads from heavy equipment and temperature cycles that can cause substrate movement. It will maintain a smooth, even surface on heavily trafficked floors, such as distribution centers and parking facilities.

WearCOAT 474 is formulated to be used on top of a primer, and can be used as either a mid-coat or the final coat. This two-part product is available in 1- and 5-gallon kits, and can be specified in clear as well as in CFI’s standard, optional and custom colors.

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