Candy Manufacturer Maintains Quality Standards with the Blow Thru Sieve from Russell Finex

Russell Finex supply a candy manufacturer with a customized Blow Thru Sieve™ fitted with the Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ to ensure no ferrous contamination passes through to the final product.

With an ever-growing demand from consumers for increased food safety assurances, Russell Finex have worked closely with leading confectionery manufacturers to further enhance their food safety control system by eliminating contamination from ingredients delivered to their site.

Founded in the early 1900's and based in Chicago Illinois, the company originally started out as a retail pastry and confection shop. Following the formation of a partnership, the company expanded to manufacture a wide variety of popular confections.

The factory produces approximately 750,000 lbs of candy per day, and in order to sustain this production level, over one million pounds of sugar is delivered to the factory via rail each week. The sugar is then transferred from the rail car to a silo via a bucket conveyor.

Although the sugar is refined when it is produced, the manufacturer needed to ensure there were no molasses, minerals, non-sugar contamination or other foreign objects which had entered the product during rail car filling and transportation. In order to enhance the quality of their processed sugar, the manufacturer decided to invest in a screening system to remove contamination from the sugar after it passes through the silo and before it is used within each product line. "We recognized the need for a fail safe solution to maintain quality standards," explains the plant's maintenance technician.

After conducting a search on the Internet, Russell Finex was asked to supply a vibratory check-screening system. Following a consultation with the local Russell Finex sales representative, it was decided that the Russell Blow Thru Sieve™ would be the most appropriate machine for the application. Russell Finex recommended this machine because it would fit neatly into the available small space. In addition, the ability to check screen and convey in a single operation, meant that product quality could be improved without sacrificing productivity.

In order to ensure this was the right machine for them, the sugar was tested on a demo sieve. "We were very satisfied with the choice of machine, especially as production would not be slowed down because the sugar is screened while it is being blown to the next stage in the process," states the customer.

In order for the sieve to suit the installation better, the vibratory sieve was customized. Firstly, the inlet of the machine needed to be in a different place to fit in with the existing process line. Secondly, the unit had to be adapted to allow for an Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ to be installed on the machine. The magnet removes ferrous contamination that is small enough to pass through the mesh screen by trapping the metal on the bars while the sugar is being blown through. "Russell Finex were more than happy to customize the machine to meet our unique requirements. We are very satisfied with our purchase. Russell Finex's commitment to providing testing and customization makes them the obvious choice for providing a quick, high quality solution," states the plant's maintenance technician.

The plant manager, concludes "We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and take care to ensure our customers get what they expect and enjoy. The Russell Finex Blow Thru Sieve helps us achieve this high quality."

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Russell Finex has over 75 years of experience manufacturing and supplying separators, screeners and filters to enhance productivity and ensure product quality.  The company serves a variety of industries in over 100 countries with applications that include foods, adhesives, ceramics, chemicals, colors, enamels, explosives, inks, latex, metal powders, paint, paper coatings, pharmaceuticals, plastisols, powder coating, and waste oils.

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